The Fiddler.

 This is Beverly Lewis’ newest Amish-themed book “The Fiddler”. It is about a concert violinist who is tired of nothing but practice and playing and travelling to concerts her whole life and wants a change. She ends up lost on a country road in a storm(a metaphor for her feeling lost in her own life?) and knocks on the door of an Amishman(who is lost himself and contemplating leaving the Order and going off into the world) and they soon become fast friends and he welcomes her into his world and she stays on a few days, enjoying the kind people,simple living, change of pace, but eventually returns to her life, transformed, makes changes, and they meet up again…and….I won’t spoil the ending(but it’s a romantic one!). It was a good book and I couldn’t put it down and I read the entire thing in just a few hours. Her next book comes out in September. I always look forward to her new books twice a YR,even putting the release dates on my calenders ahead of time! I’m a die-hard “Lewis-Head”, ha ha!


As well, our son is here visiting for a few days before he goes back to do his finals and his train was 90 minutes late but he never even noticed as he was asleep the entire trip(they even had to wake him up!) but there were so few people there that he got an entire car all to himself, making him  feel like royalty! The 10 and 14 YR olds also barfed now,too, and the 14 YR old is even EXTRA mouthy and obnoxious to me too, trying to “impress” him and look “cool” but infuriating me!

We also called my new doctor’s office again trying for an app’t…but it was the wrong number(of COURSE!),but they gave us the right one so we called again, but the answering machine said they’re closed until tomorrow so have to try AGAIN,and watch with MY “luck” she won’t even BE taking new patients so we’ll be right back to where we started! I’m just so TIRED nothing can ever just go easy or work out the first try for us and everything always has to be so hard,and I’m sick of everything always wrong, broken, shitless,sub-standard, and half-assed in my life.I know I’ll end up dying here too and won’t ever be able to move like I want,either, as I’ll never have the $$$.It’s like I’m stuck in a loop and feel like the hamster that keeps running and running in his wheel but never goes anywhere.