Justice For Trayvon?

 I am so glad and relieved to hear that after 2 MONTHS since  Trayvon Martin’s senseless murder George Zimmerman has FINALLY been arrested and charged with Second-Degree Murder of the  17 YR old, but my only question is “What TOOK so long?” He is obviously guilty of shooting and killing the unarmed teen(in what seems to be racially motivated) and he even admitted it, (to me it appeared that he was even “hunting”)but saying it was “self defense” even though a video of him right after the incident  showed he didn’t have any injuries or bleeding, and the autopsy showed Trayvon didn’t have any wounds on his hands(which he would have if he had punched Zimmerman as he claimed) and Zimmerman has a past criminal record and has been in jail BEFORE for assault! Some people are decrying due to the intense media coverage of this story and outrage Zimmerman won’t get a fair trial…but Trayvon didn’t get a fair chance at LIFE. I just hope he doesn’t get off after all this; that justice WILL finally be served!


As well, now several Air Canada pilots have called in “sick”(protesting they aren’t allowed to strike) cancelling several flights,and recently the ticket agents, flight attendents, machinists, and baggage handlers have ALL gone on strike, holding the public “hostage” and it’s not right. I hope they FIRE them and I hope Air Canada goes bankrupt; they are a national embarrassment and the gov’t has wasted far too much time, effort,and $$$ into them and they SUCK; they are rude and incompetent and I swore over 25 YRS ago I would NEVER take them again(I’d rather SWIM across the ocean!) and we even tell our travel agent to book us with ANY airline EXCEPT Air Canada even if we have to make connections! With them gone there would also be more competition and better service! I say good riddance!!

A local factory here in town is also being shut down; due to the greedy demands of the thuggish bullying union; it’s their own choice and their own doing! The company had been in financial trouble for the past few YRS and told the employees they had to take their offer(as they didn’t have the resources for what they were asking for) or the factory would have to shut down,and the greedy union said they were being “blackmailed” and rejected it….so now the factory is being shut down and all 150 of them will be OUT of work! How stupid is THAT? So they’d rather have NO JOB at ALL than to accept the offer? Serves them right. It was their own decision.In this economy they should be grateful to even HAVE a job and NOT be so greedy, but now due to their greed they are out of work. “Smart”, way to GO! Duh! Unions suck.