The Surgeon.

 I saw the surgeon(who I estimate to be in his 40’s) and it went well. He seemed nice(and not arrogant and condescending like ones I’ve had before) and is even a Professor at the university so he’s not a “newbie” or some “hack” and I felt comfortable with him and like I’ll be in good hands. My surgery date is 7 June and I have to get pre-op tests before at the end of May incl. ECG and blood work.

He said they try to remove the gallbladder laproscopically but if they come across problems( such as too much scar tissue, inflamed too much, organs “stuck” together, poor visibility, etc.) then they switch to the “open” incision. They explained the procedure and even asked odd questions like if I’m allergic to chestnuts(what does that have to do with anything?) or bananas(who the hell is allergic to BANANAS?) and took my medical history, I filled out some forms, and he pressed on my abdomen,and explained possible complications(with anesthetic, bleeding, blood clots, infection, accidently “nicking” other organs such as the pancreas) of the surgery and asked me about my previous 3 surgeries,and that was about it! He even said they poke a hole thru my bellybutton, which made my 8 YR old cry as she LOVES bellybuttons! 🙂


As well, we got a wet snow/freezing rain mix with some flurries(but they melted when they hit the ground) but other places in the province got BIG snow storms, 20 to 30 cm! Just our “luck” too: we needed more jugs of water for the cooler but of COURSE it HAD to be the time the power was off on the entire street so the store was closed and we couldn’t get it,the 14 YR old sneered I care what people think just because I don’t like to be insulted, and my hubby excused the 5 YR old yet again: he tried to throw a chair at the 8 and 10 YR olds and his excuse was “He didn’t ACTUALLY throw it!” and doesn’t think trying to “counts” as not behaving, and he bit the 8 YR too and he said SHE just “made it up!”  No WONDER he’s such a brat; he gets away with EVERYTHING and neither my hubby OR my mom believes me there must be something wrong with him,either; they say *I* just “over-react!” I can never “win.”