Transgender Pageant?

 I saw in the news that the “she-male” seen here was disqualified from a woman’s beauty pageant as the transgender contestant was a natural born man(the rules say you have to be a natural born female) and organizer Donald Trump was criticized and so much so they even changed the rules to accommodate him/her! I disagree, as it’s an unfair advantage to the natural born females since the transgendered contestants have had plastic surgery and look better so it’s not fair; they’re NOT the same! It would be like trying to enter a cat in a dog show.(I don’t agree with beauty pageants anyway; demeaning and degrading to women and just go by physical beauty and are so shallow) What they should have done instead( instead of bending the rules for one individual or one group) is to just have a transgendered pageant so they will all be equal and no one will have an advantage. I don’t know why certain special interest groups think the rules should always bend and be broken and changed just to accommodate them. If they don’t qualify by the rules then they shouldn’t be able to enter, period. Enough of this crap where certain people are always being given special rights and think the minority trumps the majority and people bend over backwards to accommodate them in the name of Political Correctness. It’s crap!


As well, yesterday was May Day and my 17 YR old quipped it’s a “Communist holiday…but you have to stand in a line up to celebrate!” and the plumber came as well and had to replace 2 whole parts for the toilets but luckily it wasn’t too expensive; only 125$ and the pool guy never did show up. My mom also got a surprise 500$ cheque senior’s rebate from the gov’t she wasn’t expecting so that can go towards paying for the pool repairs(see? God always provides!),and our 2nd oldest came for a visit and goes back next Saturday and I also notice since I’ve been taking Milk Thistle that I haven’t had gallbladder attacks in awhile now!