I HATE Hockey!!

 CBC has announced they won’t be re-newing “Jeopardy!” which is the ONLY good show even on the network; all their other shows are just lame inferior Canadian programming and redneck hockey. Did I tell you that I also HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE hockey? Just so it’s perfectly clear: yes, I HATE hockey! I am Canadian and I HATE hockey. Not only is it low-class, uncultured, redneck,and a meaningless waste of time it also takes over ALL the TV channels, pre-empts the good shows, monopolizes the news both on the radio and TV( I turn the radio off when sports comes on and on the TV news I pause it on the PVR so I can just  skip thru it) and my hubby and I always argue over it as he wants to watch it when everyone else wants to watch other shows and both my mother and I have decreed it a “loser-free zone”(to which he snarls, “No it isn’t!”) I can’t WAIT until the finals are finally OVER(I can’t believe it’s still on) and I have no idea which teams are even  playing and I couldn’t care less. NOT everyone CARES! I am sooo sick of always seeing it everywhere and hearing it all the time. It’s a real pet-peeve of mine and this country is so full of rednecks they’re all hockey crazy too. It’s so annoying as well as embarrassing.

As well, I heard the local highschool here is one of the highest for teen pregnancies AND drugs which isn’t too surprising I guess considering 95 % of the town ARE rednecks; the 5% that aren’t are people like us that aren’t from here but just moved here, and my mother says the 16 YR old stays away from me and always stays in her room as she “wants to avoid confrontation” and I told her if she wasn’t transgendered and didn’t always wear all black(she just bought more black clothes yesterday,too) all the time( like a vampire, punk, or Goth!) then there wouldn’t BE a problem,but as always she blamed ME and said *I’M* the “only one” and it’s “just me” that thinks so, and that if it weren’t for that I’d “find something else to not like about her” etc. but it’s not true: I don’t care she looks like a parrot with her spiky multi-coloured hair as it’s not a moral issue,just being individual, but being transgender IS a sin( she looks, acts,and dresses like a boy, only likes boys’ things, hates anything feminine and seems to self-identify as a boy) and wearing nothing but black for the past 3 YRS IS disturbing! Neither her or my hubby even thinks there’s a problem and just dismisses it, but I think it indicates deeper psychological issues yet they refuse to believe it and just blame me instead.Typical.

I also notice I lost a blog follower and I’m sure it’s because I don’t agree with homosexuality but I won’t censor myself on my own blog for anyone(and I won’t apologize for it, either) and I won’t pretend to be Politically Correct to appease the LGBT crowd, the enviro-freaks, Femi-nazis,etc. or anyone else, either,and I don’t care WHAT the world thinks of me; I’m accountable to God.