Sex Obsessed.

 It really disgusts me that society and the world in general just seems to be sex obsessed. EVERYTHING is always about sex, sex, sex! It’s like some sort of virus or disease; they’re obsessed with it, it’s all they think about, all they care about, think it’s the be-all and end-all, and society is saturated in it. Sex sells and it takes over ads, commercials, TV, books, movies,speech,jokes,etc. you name it!

Society is so sex obsessed they’re like sex maniacs, whether it’s gay sex, straight sex, porn, teen sex,pedophilia,fornication, adultery, bestiality, strippers, prostitution, sex toys, S+M, oral sex, group sex,rape, anal sex, role playing,masturbation,promiscuousness,Threesomes, orgies, sex clubs,sex parties, etc. you name it,there’s a perversion, kink, fetish, deviation,etc. for everyone. People are so sex crazed they’re worse than animals as even animals do it just to reproduce but society today is so preoccupied with it that it’s become like Sodom and Gemorrah!

It just grosses me out how carnal and perverted people are and how much importance they place on sex when really it’s just a body function like eating, sleeping, or going to the bathroom! It was created by God within the confines of legal marriage, for the procreation of children but society today has taken that sacred gift and profaned it, abused it, misused it,degraded it,cheapened it,perverted it, and defiled it.It’s like the world today is under the “spell” of sex, like some sort of sex cult,and it’s so demeaning and disgusting. It’s everywhere and people have no morals, no self control and no self respect. Abusing sex is abusing your body and dishonoring God. It’s bad enough to be defiled from outside your body but misusing sex you are defiling inside your body.Society has lost it’s moral compass.It just makes me sick and I just try to avoid it.