Justice For Tori!!

 Today Tori Stafford must surely be smiling down from Heaven and her family are greatly relieved justice has been served. Michael Rafferty has been found guilty(after a 10 weeks trial and a 10 HR deliberation) on ALL 3 counts: First Degree murder, sexual assault,and kidnapping of the 8 YR old girl 3 YRS ago. He has yet to be sentenced but I assume with the murder charge alone it would automatically be a Life sentence, which here is 25 YRS.

The case and following trial has been gripping the entire country; we all watched and prayed.I cried tears of relief and joy when I heard the verdict. It was an emotional case over these past 3 YRS, esp. to those of us who have children. Everyone wanted justice for Tori and her family and for all abused children. We all KNEW he was guilty right from the beginning,overwhelming evidence, the testimony of his former girlfriend who was an accomplice and pleaded guilty, there was no doubt, but often times there isn’t proper justice and many times innocent people ARE wrongly convicted and guilty people get off( Casey Anthony and OJ Simpson is a case in point) so it still could have gone either way. I was so on edge following this trial I diligently scanned the news daily for updates,and once the jury was out I kept checking and rechecking my computer several times a day for any news of a verdict, and as I was heading to bed saw the headline a verdict had been reached…..and more news later… I had a hard time sleeping as I kept thinking about it and hoping the praying he wouldn’t get away with it. I even woke up at 2am to check my computer, my heart skipped a beat and I held my breath… and there it was: GUILTY! The entire country let out a collective sigh of relief.

Complicating the matter was also that crucial evidence was WITHELD from the jury: it was only released by the media as they were sequestered: the police when they arrested Rafferty found child porn on his computer, a movie about sex killers Homolka and Bernardo,and Internet searches on how to rape an underage girl, but the judge didn’t allow it as “admissable” as it would “taint” the suspect’s reputation and make him “look like a sexual deviant”(which he clearly IS) to the jury, and the police obtained the evidence without a proper warrant! I couldn’t believe it! This is SO relevent; it clearly PROVES motive and intent; it shows his sick perverted fantasies that he acted out when he snatched the 8 YR old girl! It shows the kind of person he is and how he thinks! How could they have NOT included it,and imagine if the jury HAD found him innocent NOT knowing this critical information that had been witheld,and how they’d feel afterwards once they find out and realize they set a guilty man free?

Luckily it ended well. Tori and her family have justice. This case makes us all hug our own kids a bit tighter and to be more vigilant for their safety as well, knowing there ARE sick evil people out there who prey on the innocent,but for now, at least there’s one less psycho sadist out there walking the streets.

The Fall Of Europe?

 I have always loved Europe. I have always felt drawn there and felt it was my home. I have been there a few times and I love it.I would move there if I could afford it. It’s very sad for me to see the current state of affairs there, how gov’ts are becoming radical and people are suffering in this economic decline.

Greece(one of the fave. places I’ve been to) is being hit the worst with the austerity measures being implemented so they don’t default on their loans, people are losing their jobs, their homes, their life savings, everything they’re worked their entire lives for and many are committing suicide they are so desolate. This has caused political upheaval and the emergence of a very dangerous neo-Nazi group that is gaining popularity. They are blaming the immigrants and foreigners for the current economic situation much like how Hitler blamed the Jews for Germany’s post WWI economic struggles and high unemployment, which was what propelled him to power in WWII. In Greece they are even beating up immigrants and even go as far as to promise to expel them from the country and divide the borders off with land mines to keep them out if they are elected.This is a very racist hate-filled way of thinking. The current gov’t has collapsed and they are on the brink of elections.

The French leader has also been ousted and replaced by a Socialist and the same is occurring all across Europe. They are discarding leaders who are trying to implement austerity measures and in desperation electing more radical extreme ones and this is a dangerous thing. Europe  is teetering on disaster not only economically but socially and politically, and the whole situation is just so volatile.It looks like history is repeating itself, the same conditions that allowed Hitler’s National Socialist Party to be elected is happening all over again and it breaks my heart to see this. I’ve always had a European soul.It hurts me to see this happening to a place I love so much.


As well, I also forgot to turn off the stove element when I’d cooked my lunch and I’m always doing absent minded things like this and I seriously wonder if I have dementia or Alzheimers,and I hate it too how I always put things upside-down, inside-out, backwards, screw lids on crooked,etc. I am an inept buffoon and it’s very off-putting and makes me hate myself even more!

I heard on the radio as well a nearby city now is required by law to put their garbage out for pickup in CLEAR plastic bags so the Enviro Police can monitor  and see what they’re throwing out, to make sure they’re not throwing out recyclables which is stupid! I mean, who CARES? It’s GARBAGE and we pay enough for it(we actually pay TWICE; once thru taxes and then again 3$ per bag!) we should be able to throw out whatever we want! Nanny State regulations and intrusion once again.It’s another invasion of privacy this country is infringing on more and more all the time.

I also read a newspaper article where top US military are teaching that Islam is their enemy and NOT just terrorists; that ALL Muslims are their enemy and that they have the desire to drop nuclear bombs on their holy cities of Mecca and Medina like they did with Hiroshima and Nagasaki in WWII and said they have “no regard for casualties.” Once again the arrogant, flag waving, Imperialist war mongers are showing their true colours: racist, hateful, and aggressive, always wanting to start a war! This is why nationalism is so dangerous; it creates an us VS them mentality! No WONDER the rest of the world hates USA and the terrorists target them! This is just inexcusable and cannot be “justified” in any way and makes them no different than the terrorists!