Lyme Disease?

 My hubby MIGHT have Lyme Disease.We’re not sure, but a few days to a week ago he got a bug bite while in the woods.Now it has gotten bigger, redder, oozing,and much worse(it’s actually even worse now than it was just a few HRS ago) so he went to the ER.He thought it might have been a sore but I recognized it as a bug bite and I was right. It might be a tick or a spider and he got antibiotics in case it’s from a Deer Tick and he’s been exposed to Lyme Disease, or it might be some sort of infection.Either way, it’s disgusting and getting worse. It figures though: It IS May,and it wouldn’t be complete without a hospital visit,right?

I also smelled fire outside and then right after saw the fire trucks and ambulance go by(and then the gas truck, I presume to turn off the gas so it won’t explode) so it must have been really close by like just 1-2 streets over. I KNOW it was fire I smelled too and NOT a BBQ as I’ll never forget our OWN fire 16 YRS ago and that’s a smell(the acrid smoke) that I’ll never forget as long as I live; it was terrifying! I saw a cute little brown rabbit in our backyard as well!

The pool guys replaced my giant garden gnome they broke(so now I partially “hid” the broken one behind a shrub so we can still see him but can’t tell where he’s broken)they bought a new one, and the truck to re-fill the pool after the repairs are done costs about 150$ per truckload of water and they estimate a pool our size will take 3-4 trucks, more expensive than we thought(doesn’t it figure?),and we normally open the pool up this long May holiday weekend but with the repairs it won’t be until late June, and it was hot yesterday(25C and going up to 27C or hotter today!) so the little kids splashed around in the “kiddie” wading pool to cool off!

I also “tested” my mother: she was sitting out the front and shortly after I came out to sit there too she left saying she had to go take a nap now. I KNEW it,she IS purposely avoiding me, and the kids really miss having dogs so the 10 YR old bought this really realistic robotic toy dog that wags it’s tail, blinks, barks and makes realistic sounds but unlike a real dog it doesn’t chew up everything and destroy it, shit and pee all over, bark at all hours, or stink up the house.

Our 12 YR old went to her friend’s house after a Cadets activity as well and my hubby was to pick her up after at a certain time….but instead they dropped her off downtown, abandoned, 2 HRS before, and of course he wasn’t here; he was out,,and none of us drive,and so she called home and my mother had to walk up the 8 blocks to go get her(I can’t walk far with my breathing problem) and I’m FURIOUS!(my hubby, of course, is excusing them as always, saying it was “just a misunderstanding” but I think there’s no excuse for it) People here SUCK and are so unreliable and irresponsible! WHY didn’t they let her stay there until the designated pick up time,and if they had to go out somewhere why didn’t they drive her HOME? Needless to say, she’s never going back there again; we DON’T need people like that! I hate it here so much; it’s sucking the life out of me and I have to get OUT of here!! The other day rednecks were loudly yelling and fighting out in the street, too, for the entire neighbourhood to see. It sucks here! This place(and the people that live here) have absolutely NO redeeming qualities at ALL!