Desperate Housewives.

 After 8 YRS on the air Desperate Housewives has ended. I’ll miss it. I watched it faithfully, every episode. My mother and even my hubby watched it too, although him by “accident”: he was sick and laying down on the couch one day as my mother and I were watching it, and he heard it, got interested and then wanted to see what happened and has been watching it ever since. I was sad to see it go, but nothing lasts forever and has to end sometime and 8 YRS it had a good run.

The show began with Mary Alice who shot herself in the head as a nosey neighbour threatened to expose her secret; that her and her husband Paul had stolen a baby (Zach) and raised him as their own and when his mother returned they killed her. She narrated the series focusing on her closest friends and neighbours klutzy but loveable and kind Susan, career-bitch Lynette(and husband Tom) who became a stay at home mom to 5 kids, former model selfish adulterous Gabby(and her husband Carlos), and prim and proper Bree(she’s had several husbands), who later ended up a drunken whore. They also had other various characters and neighbours over the YRS,; various boyfriends and husbands, a terrrorist, cranky Karen and her crotchety husband, nosey Martha, sleazebag Karl, slutty man stealer Edie,crazy Katherine, tough but kind Mike(who married Susan and  ended up shot and killed by a mobster)a gay couple, stuck up Renee, Australian Ben(who married Renee in the finale), various kids and grandkids,etc.and other assorted characters I have forgotten the names over the YRS.

The residents of Wisteria Lane in the town of Fairview also had many trials and tragedies, incl. a shooting, bomb, fire, tornado, murders, adultery, marriage break ups,alcoholism, rehab, suicides and attempted suicides, hit and runs, murders,betrayals,vengeance, court cases,incest,hidden bodies,blackmail,cancer, etc. It seems to be the most unlucky place to live, where everyone has a deep dark secret, and where misfortune abounds.Everyone that moves into the neighbourhood is hiding something and it’s the most interesting street to live, with the most “colourful” neighbours! I really enjoyed the show and it goes to show that things are usually not as they seem and that people and their lives and families aren’t as happy or as “perfect” as they might appear,and that everyone has problems. I really liked the show!


As well, the pool guy said he found some funky black tiles for the pool and he’ll be bringing a sample by later today but if the tiles end up costing too much we’ll just have them paint it instead. I also have my pre-op on Friday,and I hate it how when I talk my family just ignores and dismisses me and won’t even answer but just walks away,and then they wonder WHY I get so mad! I’m sick of assholes like this and they’re so rude and disrespectful, and their excuse(as well as my mother’s) is “You don’t DESERVE  respect!” Once again, everything’s always MY fault. My mother always sneers at me as well, “I’m not PERFECT like YOU!” whenever she makes a mistake or does something wrong or when I tell her to stop over stepping boundaries with my kids and over-ruling and undermining me, and I’m NOT “perfect” and I never said I WAS; she just always “turns” everything around on to me and blames me and I’m sick of it. My family sucks! They are so toxic.

I wish I could run away but I have no $$$ or job or life skills and have nowhere to go.