Ashram Day.

 Today was originally the day I WAS to be on my way to India, to stay at the ashram for a month. I should have been on the plane right now, in fact, on a 14 HR journey and instead here I am at home, typing away at my computer! The past 7 months since I’d originally planned the vacation have gone by quickly though.

I was hoping for an exotic, relaxing, inexpensive, spiritual vacation but then as I looked more into it I found out they were charging for everything separate and extra, nickel and diming me as it were, and it all added up to be more expensive than I thought. They even charged for each towel you use after a shower, metered the electricity you use, each food item is priced separately, etc. and it all just got to not to be worth it so I cancelled. As it turned out, my gallbladder surgery is exactly a week today as well(my cousin asked if I was nervous too, but it’ll be my 4th surgery so I know what to expect,and besides, what do I care, I’ll be asleep!) so I wouldn’t have been able to go anyway but it’s kind of sad to think I ordinarily would have been on my way now, and now I’m not.

As well, the pool guys haven’t come all week, as it turns out they had to order the tiles from USA and they had some dumb holiday Monday so the order was delayed and this whole week was wasted. At this rate we’ll never be able to re-open the pool, and the weed wacker hates me; it NEVER works for me! My hubby has to start it(like the lawn mower) as I’m not strong enough, but within a couple of minutes it either shuts off, the wire/string thingy disappears somewhere, or the grass gets wrapped and twisted around the thing and it won’t work! I give up!!

The neighbour across the street also hasn’t been staying at his place overnight for awhile lately(yes, I know, watching the neighbours, but it’s so boring here there’s nothing else to do so this is our “entertainment”) and my mother speculates that he’s staying at some skanky ho’s place overnight (his wife and kids live out of town)whereas I assume he just got a new job and works the night shift. That’s the difference between us; she always tries to see the worst in people and I give them the benefit of the doubt, and my hubby was loudly vaccuming as I was watching the news and I told him,”If you were considerate you wouldn’t be doing that when I’m trying to watch!” and he snarled,”If YOU were considerate you wouldn’t skip thru so much(commercials and loser redneck sports) of it!” and I told him,”THAT’S what the mute, pause and fast-forward buttons are FOR!” I also got excited hearing about the stupid hockey finals as I thought it was finally over…but it’s STILL going on, hijacking all the channels and it’s been MONTHS! When will  this crap finally be OVER and we get our channels and shows back? I’m so sick of seeing and hearing about it all the time and I never want to see or hear about it ever again! NOT everyone cares! ENOUGH already! Geez! Weird as well: the power went off for a couple of minutes and then went back on and it wasn’t storming or anything…

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