For awhile now I have been debating whether or not to buy a pair of  hippie-style Birkenstock sandals for summer, being that they cost over 100$ but finally DID! I ordered the pair on the left online but they won’t arrive until the end of July. Shit! That means summer will already be half over before I get to wear them! I fail at life!  Birkenstocks are also the unofficial official footwear of homeschoolers! It’s leather or suede, made in Germany,and moulded to comfortably fit your feet and ease foot strain.

As well, when I commented that sports are “for rednecks” my mother hissed,”That’s just what YOU think!” even though SHE thinks so too and hates it as well; she just always has to contradict , challenge,and goad me, and I replied, “It’s not what I THINK; it’s what I KNOW!” and Cadets are so picky for the kids’ camp as well, making them wear PJ’s to bed(and not a T-shirt) and making us spend extra expense not only buying that but also water shoes( to swim) sunscreen,etc. all stuff we don’t normally buy or use, adding even  more expense,and I just find them to be ridiculous, picky, and over-bearing.They just have so many unnecessary  rules(eg. hair length, no earrings, etc.) and restrictions it’s crazy.

I also heard on the news an American yogurt company is hoping to set up business in Kingston which will employ some 1300 jobs but the problem is this stupid country has such tight regulations and controls on milk; prices, how much you can buy or sell, price restrictions, quotas, etc. so  now they’re not sure they’ll be able to aquire enough milk to even make their product and may have to scrap the idea. This country also has regulations and quotas on wheat as well ,and such strict control on trade and such it scares away investments and they limit how much foreign investment and companies can set up here as well. A true fascist state if I ever saw one and makes it even harder in this economy.

The 5 YR old continues to be an unholy terror as well: he bit, hit, pinched, and kicked the girls, stabbed them with a key,and purposely slammed the 13 YR old’s hand in a door, and he’s so intolerable the kids don’t even LIKE him anymore and refuse to play with him now he’s so bad and so mean,and the 14 YR old doesn’t even want to share a bedroom with him anymore(but he has no choice as we have no other rooms to put him!) He’s just so bad it’s affecting his siblings’ relationships with him now and we have no idea what to do; he won’t obey and he’s so out of control I KNOW he’s not “right”; that he’s disturbed and that there’s SOMETHING wrong with him yet my mother and hubby refuse to believe it and there’s nothing we can DO about it….

For The Love Of Orphans.

 I follow a blog of this wonderful  South African mom who has adopted 4 orphans already and is currently in the process of adopting 2 more from Eastern Europe. They all have developmental delays, mainly Down Syndrome. She also has 3 biological sons. She is such an amazing inspiration, let me tell you. Her tireless  love and advocacy for orphans is phenomenal. She is really someone I admire, look up to, and am in total awe of. She uses her blog to advocate for orphans as Jesus commands us to look after the widow and the orphan.She goes well beyond.

I am generally “leery” of adopting as many times the kids have been stolen from perfectly good homes under the false pretense of abuse and in countries like Cambodia they are regularly snatched from their homes and sold abroad to rich foreigners to adopt but I do fully approve of adopting true orphans; that is, where both their parents are dead. I pray for them and others like them daily but due to various circumstances(financial and others) it would not be possible for us to ever adopt and I think the process is way too intrusive( I have a friend who’s been trying for the past few YRS) with the home study etc. it’s too invasive and nosey for my taste but I fully support those who do rescue true orphans.

I have seen photos of the orphans in Eastern Europe and it’s heartbreaking. Their sad, dull eyes,skeletal bodies, languishing in cribs, never being held or loved, and unless they are rescued(or “ransomed” as the blogger calls it) they are condemned to a lifetime of neglect and no love. It reminds me of the Nazi death camps actually.People are always going on about rescuing dogs from shelters, raising money, etc. while human beings are suffering and in greater need. There is also another family adopting a 16 YR old from Russia and he looks so much like our almost 18 YR old and reminds me so much of him so I feel extra “attached”  and emotionally involved in his story and I hope he’ll be happy with his new family and have a good life.


As I write this my hubby is in the other room watching redneck wrestling. I HATE that garbage beyond words, and beyond measure. It is the lowest form of “entertainment” and nothing says white trash trailer park loser more than wrestling(and hockey) does. Why DOES he have to watch such crap? Why can’t he let go of his redneck past? It just  gets me so mad. I was also angered on the news how they always put so much emphasis on the report on loser sports when there’s so much more important things going on in the world, REAL news, like the people dying in Syria, being slaughtered by their own gov’t, or the high suicide rate in Greece due to the economy, the wildfires and floods, the mall collapse,or those starving in Africa and North Korea, etc. Who wins a stupid game is meaningless and unimportant.In the grand scheme of things in life it DOESN’T MATTER and there are so many much more pressing ,newsworthy, and important things that take priority and that actually MATTER.

As well, the US Supreme Court has upheld Obama’s healthcare reform, supporting universal healthcare for all( like we have here) and what I don’t get and what puzzles me is how and why so many Americans are AGAINST it!! What the hell? Medical care is a basic human right and SHOULD be available, accessible and affordable to all, not just the rich or those that can afford it. It’s just wrong that people are DYING because they can’t afford treatment, to see a doctor, go to a hospital, or have surgery. I’m no fan of Obama’s but I give credit where credit is due and he’s doing a good thing here, and I don’t understand why so many are against everyone having healthcare…’s not just for the wealthy.Why do they NOT want poor people to get medical care?

Female Genital Mutilation.

 My mother told me that  when she was a little kid she overheard an adult conversation in her family mentioning that her uncle had his twin girls “circumsized”; the female genital mutilation like they have done in Africa and parts of the Middle East. I can’t imagine why he’d allow that being that it’s so brutal, inhumane, and barbaric. Maybe they had it done when they lived overseas; they’ve lived all over the world, but I can’t see why he’d allow that to happen to his girls and at the time they would have been really young as my mother was around 6 and they’re about 5 YRS younger than her…

I saw this exact story on the news the other day as well and it’s horrible. It is a widely practiced cultural “rite” and the woman in the report almost died having hers, her 2 sisters and her 2 own daughters also died as a result of it, from bleeding. Others have died of infection as they use dirty razors(used on everyone so it’s not sterile or hygenic and risks transmitting diseases such as AIDS and hepatitis).There is also no anesthetic used so I can’t even imagine how horribly painful it must be.They hold the poor girl down and force   her legs open and she is mutilated. Basically they cut off the upper part of the girl’s “yoo-hoo” and stitch the hole at the bottom only allowing a tiny opening for urine and menstrual blood to pass thru. The idea is to preserve her virginity, as proof of virginity(it has to be cut open on her wedding night as well as again when she gives birth, making it even MORE painful than usual, if that’s possible) and to “prevent” her from becoming a whore or cheating on her husband. I don’t know if it “works” or not but I DO know it’s cruel and horribly abusive.

We don’t even circumsize our BOYS as I think it’s mutilation and unnecessary. I mean, God must have made it that way for a reason.right? I walked by a baby getting circumsized in the hospital once when I went to the nursery to get my first child in the morning . I heard him screaming bloody murder and wondered what was wrong and looked over and a nurse informed me he was being circumsized and I looked over and saw a baby strapped to a board with his arms restrained, the poor thing. I can’t even imagine any loving parent doing this to a girl. I know it’s part of their culture but even so I’d never be able to do it. It’s too horrible and I could never put my kids thru such suffering.


As well in the news, I would have thought the rescue after the collapsed mall in Elliot Lake would be the main story….but,no, it was about some stupid Euro trash soccer game! Can you believe it? Priorities all wrong again.As for the rescue it finally took 4 days before they went in and by then the 1 survivor that still showed signs of life on Monday  was dead by the time they got to her yesterday. They should have gone right in Saturday night after it happened and if they hadn’t wasted so much time she’d likely still be alive. They were too late.This country sucks and is so inept and incompetent. In other countries in disasters(earthquakes, World Trade Center,etc.) the rescue teams went in right away. Why does it take so long here? It’s shameful.Yet another way we are inferior and lag behind.

3 of my Facebook friends are also being evacuated from their homes due to the wildfires in Colorado and our house burned down 16 YRS ago and it was terrifying and I’ll never forget it. My thoughts and prayers are with these people, as well as the ones with the floods out West here and with the tropical storm in Florida. In Toronto a guy was sentenced to only 6 YRS in prison as well for stabbing another guy to death in a fight yet when a homeowner tired of raccoon’s destruction killed a raccoon he faces 10 YRS in prison! How fucked up is THAT? Why do you get a longer jail sentence for killing an ANIMAL than a PERSON? I swear, this country sucks and the “justice” system is a joke.