The Flowers.

 My mother wanted some flowers for the front of the house(we already have 2 hanging baskets at the front and I planted some at the back) so she had the kids mow down an area near the bushes and she bought some Marigolds, Impatiens(I joke you have to plant them quickly because they won’t wait) and something else yet ordered ME to plant them right away, demanding as always, and I was having lunch and she didn’t even want me to eat but I told her wait until I’m done or else I’m not even doing them at ALL! She’s so demanding! After all that I had black hands and knees from the dirt( we never have the necessary tools for anything; I didn’t have gloves or a shovel and just used my bare hands and a spoon!) and my back hurts even more than usual!

The Cubs also had a BBQ and this week the Cadets are going to an amusement park. My right eye keeps watering so I think I have Pink Eye(I get it alot)again  as well and hubby’s rash is better; now it’s a light pink instead of red(and fading) and no longer itches, the 9 YR old stuck 2 of her suction cup arrows on my freshly shaven bald head with coconut oil on and it looked like I was an alien with antennae trying to contact the Mothership, and the drug den neighbours have a For Sale sign up at their house now; I guess they’re tired of the police always raiding the place!

I’m also embarrassed that during surgery they’ll all see my big fat stomach(even though I WILL be asleep at the time and unaware of it or any snide comments they might make regarding it) and all it’s rolls of flab,and I wonder if I’ll still need to wear that “shower cap” that keeps hair away since I don’t HAVE any hair, and I saw in the news George Zimmerman’s bail has been revoked and he’s been ordered back to jail as he lied about how much $$$ he had(he got 200 000$ from his Paypal account on his blog in donations) and surrendered an expired passport and still kept his current one. This story gets more and more bizare all the time! I don’t know WHAT to “make” of it now!

The 5 YR old also hit the 9 YR old with a metal belt buckle and stabbed her in the arm with a pen and made a hole and when I punished him he was mouthing off at me and when I said he’s bad he screamed,”No, YOU’RE bad!” and “I KNOW you are but what am *I*?” and said “I can DO what I WANT!” He’s soooo intolerable (my mother and hubby have created a MONSTER!!)and I wonder if all the traumas, misfortunes, bad luck, and unhappiness in my life is God punishing me for something, or demons attacking me, “Karma”, or am I perhaps “cursed” somehow? It saddens me as well to see others’ happy loving marriages as I know it’s something that I’ll never have, so I try not to think about it because it just hurts too much!!

Child Welfare is STILL involved and monitoring my cousin as well even though she left her loser husband like they wanted; likely “after” her NOW because she’s a single mother, and I fear they’ll never leave her alone and she’ll just have to  move…May(as always) was a bad month for our family as usual: for her, for my mother’s cousin and her emergency surgery,and for my hubby with his bug bite/Poison Ivy/ rash/hives/allergy, etc. but we survived it and made it to June!