Revolting And Sickening.

 This is Lin Jun.He is a student from China and was the victim in Montreal’s most horrific and sickening recent crimes. He was stabbed repeatedly with an ice pick while being filmed( the video was later posted online!) sexually assaulted when dead, then dismembered and body parts were mailed to various gov’t offices! I mean, who DOES something like that? What’s WRONG with some people?The killer has since fled to France. I refuse to post his photo because that’s what he wants; he wants to be famous(infamous) and have himself all over the news and have people talking about him. It made me shudder as well, not only the depravity and brutality of the crime but the fact that the victim went to the same university as my son does! This hits TOO close to home and it could have just as easily been HIM if he’d known the killer or was even his friend or his room mate! Maybe he’s even seen him?Evil DOES exist!

As well, there was a fatal gang shooting at the food court in the Toronto Eaton Centre, a shopping mall I used to go to every Saturday when I lived there! One guy died and 3 others are critical( incl. a 13 YR old!) and others were wounded. NOWHERE is safe anymore; I mean, you can’t even go SHOPPING anymore without the danger of being shot in the cross-fire! This country sucks and only keeps getting worse. Soon will the gun and gang violence and crime even rival that of USA? The Liberals have also destroyed this province(with high unemployment, debt, Nanny State policies, financially, etc.) and if I had to choose to move to another province I’d probably pick Nova Scotia, nice scenery, affordable housing and friendly Maritime people, but what I really want is to leave the country! I’ve just had enough! I HATE it here!!!!(If only I had the $$$$ to move…..sigh…)


As well, I had gallbladder pain again overnight; I hadn’t for awhile as I was taking Milk Thistle but I had to stop taking it a week before my surgery(which’s this Thursday) and our priest scolded me for being too suntanned as well, saying he knows I’m outside alot and that I’m “really tanned” and “should use sunblock!” (I told him I LIKE the sun!!) and for the first time I slept thru my pre-dawn worship! I always wake up before 5am every day for my quiet private time with God, my prayers, Rosary,and worship before the sun comes up but yesterday I slept right thru until 7:30 am! I’m all achy, stiff,and sore from gardening too I can hardly move; my legs and back are begging for mercy and I feel like the Tin Man! I STILL really hurt, as bad as when I go horseback riding and I have to walk in short steps and always wince, “ooh, oooh!” in pain and forget about bending over! I think every muscle in my body hurts! I’m broken!