We Are All Boiled Frogs!

 We are all boiled frogs! Let me explain:

There is this well-known analogy that if you throw a frog into a pot of boiling water it will jump out BUT if you place him in a pot of cold water and slowly heat it up over time, gradually reaching a boiling point, he will be used to the gradual change and will allow itself to be boiled alive. This is exactly what’s happening to people today with the New World Order and Big Brother Fascist Nanny State gov’t policies, laws, restrictions,and regulations.

I see the same social engineering taking place now like during Hitler’s Nazi era only the difference is that he sprung it on society too quickly and now they are more subtle about it, doing it slowly and gradually, eroding away people’s rights,so that people slowly get used to it, think nothing of it, don’t question or protest it, or even realize it. This is what’s happening now.There is mass brainwashing, propaganda and indoctrination taking place now as well as our personal rights and freedoms being eroded, steam rolled over, squashed and eliminated…and most of us are LETTING them get away with it!

It starts in the schools where environmentalism has become the new “religion”, where the gay agenda is being promoted and encouraged(just yesterday a law was passed in this province FORCING all schools to accept and install a pro-gay club(even in the Catholic schools where it goes against everything they believe, stomping over their religious rights) under the guise of anti-bullying, the “conditioning” of feminism, promoting sexual immorality, “Girl power” crap, where animal rights are placed as more value than human rights, and an overall anti-life, anti-family, anti-religious atmosphere.

It is also seen in society with rampant anti-immigration, anti-foreigner mentality, under the guise of “anti terrorism”, where in USA citizens can be arrested and detained indefinitely just called a “terror threat”, where Child Welfare authorities can storm your house and seize your kids on mere accusation and without warrant or proof(and in Germany not only do they take your kids they arrest the parents and freeze their bank accounts if they homeschool!), where Arabs and Muslims are being racially profiled and interrogated in airports, where people’s rights to protest and free assembly are being stomped on with arrests and beatings, where police can beat, tazer, and even shoot and kill citizens and get away with it,where everything is being banned(eg. plastic bags and bottles, junk food in schools, lawn pesticides,etc) and forced upon us, with Big Brother always watching over our shoulders and monitoring us, where special interest groups trump the rights of the majority,where sin is legalized(eg. same-sex “marriage”, prostitution, abortion, etc.)and encouraged and promoted,and the intrusive gov’t overseeing, regulating and overshadowing every aspect of our lives.

It has to stop but the problem is so few people even see it ,notice it, or are aware of it because it’s happening gradually they’re used to it. It angers me greatly but my mother, hubby, and my 14 and 17 YR olds taunt me saying why bother, it’s useless, what am I going to do, complaining won’t change anything,etc. and that’s what really gets me mad: we really ARE powerless to do anything; we have less and less rights, freedom, control,and say in our lives all the time. Things we want are being banned, and things we don’t want are being forced upon us, and pretty soon we’ll have no rights left.

We are all boiled frogs and we have to wake up and jump OUT of the pot before it boils and we are so weakened and conditioned to it that we don’t fight it but meekly accept the demise of our freedom. We have to see it for what it REALLY is!

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