2 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday.

  1. My dear sweet friend this is Anne I dont have your email so I am just sending on your blog. When I wrote you what I wrote I had mentioned way to much to be public so after I knew you had red I went back and deleted. As I hope you will with this one. One never knows who is learking around looking at blog. We have to be very careful and we dont want to take a chance messings up anything with our new one. I hope you understand if you want to email for more indepth information please do so. I would love to talk to you more. Thank you for being faithful. We leave very soon less than 2 weeks. I just seen your message today. Sorry to alarm you it was nothing about you just all the information shared even down to names.. My fault I should of just asked for you address instead of taking chance. Blessings my friend, Annep

  2. HI, thank you for taking the time to explain it to me. I was worried that I had somehow said something to offend you. I am praying everything goes well for your family and your journey! God bless.

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