“Ketchup” Post.

 Catching up on our happenings recently:

This morning is my surgery; the time has finally come and my gallbladder will be removed! My 14 YR old quipped, “Wouldn’t it suck if you DIED?” (gee….thanks for bringing that up!) and the 9 YR old’s convinced I WILL die(I told her I’ve had surgeries before and I got thru them ok) and I have to arrive at 8:45 am and can’t eat OR drink anything from Midnight(it’ll just be like I’m fasting!) so I’ll be starving,and I have to take off my earrings and nail polish, too, and I wonder if I’ll still  be able to make it to church 3 days later or not? They said not to go back to work for 7-10 days and no lifting for 6 weeks so we’ll see. I imagine it’ll be really bruised between all the poking, prodding, and pulling and the insicion,but my biggest concern is the IV: it’s the medical procedure I hate(and dread!) the MOST: my veins don’t co-operate; they “back up” and they can never get the needle in; it takes on average 6-8 tries and it swells up, turns black and blue and hurts and bring tears to my eyes! I’ll ask them if they can “freeze” it first before they do it, or else wait until I’m asleep to do it. In any case, this time tomorrow I’ll be minus one gallbladder(anyone want one? ha ha!) and no more attacks anymore,either!

The pool guys dropped off the tiles yesterday but nothing else and it’s been 3 weeks so far for the repairs and they only did actual work for 1 week so 2 weeks have been wasted and it feels like it’s NEVER going to be done, and my hubby said he doesn’t care if the pool’s ever ready as he doesn’t use it( just the kids and I swim) typical of him, though; he’s selfish, and if it’s not anything redneck and not anything for HIM he doesn’t care! I also used a wrench for the FIRST time ever to remove the winterizing plugs where the water jets go! I’m proud of myself!!

My hubby’s also trying to tell me about loser hockey just to annoy me as he knows I hate it, and it’s on my Top 10 List of things I don’t give a shit about, someone who beat me up in grade 8 is now nice to me on Facebook; people CAN change(and I forgive them) and I’m heartbroken as well: a 6 YR old I’ve been praying for the past year her brain cancer’s returned(AND she has meningitis,TOO!) and there’s nothing they can do now and she doesn’t have much time left. I cried when I read that, and until now she seemed to be doing better. It just isn’t fair. Whenever I see a bald guy I also call him my “Bald brother from another mother”, and the 5 YR old threw a belt at the 9 YR old and scoffed,”THAT’LL show you!” and threw video game remotes at her and the 10 YR old and bit the 10 YR old as well, and when I told him he’s being bad he mouthed off at me, “YOU are!” and “I know YOU are!” and talked back to my mother in a snotty voice, “Didn’t you HEAR me?” There’s really something wrong with him he’s so defiant, bad and out of control but my mother and hubby STILL refuse to SEE it and just blame ME; that *I* “have no patience” with him! I’ve had 11 kids and none of the others were EVER as bad like he is; I KNOW he’s not “right”….

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