Now Gallbladder Free!

 I am now gallbladder free! I had my surgery yesterday morning. It took 45 minutes and they did freeze my arm before the IV as I requested and it made a world of difference. The docs were concerned at first with my malformed jaw, palate and mouth it would be a problem inserting the tube but it was OK. It took a while to fall asleep and when I woke up I thought I was home in bed and asked where the 9 year old was. The pain is not as bad as I thought only one out of ten, but my throat is sore from the breathing tube. Later on I got pain in my side and shoulder from the gas they put in my abdomen and I cannot sit up or stand. It is better when I lay down and I got pills for the pain.

They used propofol, the same drug that killed Michael Jackson. I see the doctor in 4 weeks for a follow up check-up and now I have four incisions and my husband is typing this for me (no editing) since I cannot sit up, but I wanted to update everyone. I am now gallbladder free, so no more attacks. Did you know the gallbladder is the size of a pear?  I cannot think of anything else as I am overly medicated. Hopefully I will feel better soon.