VICTORY!!Success! I finally did a ca-ca, and after abdomenal surgery this is a great accomplishment and a feat to be celebrated and rejoiced; it means my plumbing is working again! Surgery slows down the process and the codeine pills( I now take twice a day; when I wake up and when I go to bed, that’s when the pain seems to be the worst) are constipating. I also took a stool softener and a laxative, putting Metamucil in my peach/mango smoothie and it  all clumped like kitty litter and ended up almost like cement! I had a hard time wiping my arse though as I can’t bend, twist, turn,and reach, so I probably have a colossal skid mark/fudge smudge now, ha ha! Why does surgery have to hurt so much? I take small steps walking as well, holding my sore belly with my hands for support.

I can only suntan on one side now as well;  just my front as I can lay on my back but not on my stomach(I can’t lay on my right side either) and am all stiff and sore from always having to lay in the same position on my left side,too, and overnight as I was sleeping I “forgot” that I just had surgery too and tried to turn over….then, “OWWWWWW!!” and woke up, and I have to change position slowly and carefully manoeuvre and have to wake up to DO it! The incisions seem to be hurting more now too perhaps because I’m moving around a bit more and can now stand for short periods and sit for 10 minutes at a time. I can’t bend down either and pick anything up if it falls, and have to squat using my knees and can’t bend with my middle.

I know I’m not going to be able to go to Mass today though as I can’t sit for too long and there’s no way I can keep standing, kneeling,up and down, etc. It’s also the annual church picnic and my hubby and the kids are going, but it sucked last YR thanx to pressure from the enviro nazis; they weren’t allowed any longer  to have egg toss(it “ruins” the grass) or water balloons(the birds swallow the rubber) or any fun games anymore, so it’s basically just a BBQ now, I pre-ordered a new bald “Bratz” doll online, to be shipped the end of July,my hubby said when he goes to a certain restaurant he’ll pick me up the deep-fried cheddar cheese balls I love and he went yesterday but of COURSE he FORGOT to get them; it’s always MY stuff that gets over-looked and forgotten as it’s NOT important if it’s just something for me, and even when he went by it later he STILL never picked it up to “redeem” himself; I’m just not worth the bother or effort. I also thought the 14 YR old finished all his school work but found out  he STILL has the Language Arts book left but he hates it and is stalling and refuses to do it and my hubby doesn’t care because it’s just one of MY subjects. I seriously don’t even know WHY I bother!!