I saw this picture on Facebook and I love it. It shows Jesus guiding the surgeon’s hands. A few days ago that was me laying there on the operating table,and it’s nice and I like to think that there is Heavenly help watching over us(and I believe that there is), and when you have surgery you are putting your trust(and your LIFE!) in the doctor’s hands so a little extra help is appreciated! Now  the inside(where they cut off and removed the gallbladder) hurts more than the incisions themselves but it gets better each day and I am recovering; it just takes time!

The church picnic ended up cancelled as well,and they never even TOLD anyone(either during announcements after Mass last week OR in the bulletin) and my hubby and the kids showed up(and the kids were excited and then really disappointed) and there was no one and nothing there! I’m so SICK of this! This is the THIRD time actually; once before it was also cancelled and they never told us,and another time they’d moved location and no one said anything. This kind of thing happens all the time here!People here SUCK and are so inconsiderate, unreliable, and irresponsible; they NEVER do what they say, never show up,never on time,never follow thru, always cancel, are late, and don’t keep their word. I HATE it here so much and I hate it more and more all the time and I have to get OUT of here! I hate this town and all the dumb rednecks here,and last night I heard loud drums blaring right past Midnight too.There is NOTHING good about this godforsaken hick town!

The pool guys also SAID they should be finished this week( ha ha, I’ll believe THAT when I see it!) incl. putting up the new tiles, draining the rest of the water(from rain) which turned from green to black, and cleaning, and filling with water. My hubby still hasn’t finished fixing the pool shed,either,and it’s been over 2 MONTHS(I wonder which will be done FIRST; the pool…or the shed?) and he never should have even started it if he can’t finish it and should have just left it. I hate it that he always does this; starts projects and dawdles and never gets them done in reasonable time and things are always left half-done and unfinished.

Our 16 YR old also keeps taking the 9 YR old’s shirt and wearing it(and claims it’s “hers”) and she still always wears black and looks Goth, Punk, or vampire, and she’ll be the weird kid that OTHER parents warn THEIR kids to stay away from, and the top news story on the TV news was that some dumb dog was left in a car and died and the owner was arrested. Seriously? It’s a DOG; is THAT the best they can DO? It must have been a REALLY slow news day, and I will be so GLAD GLAD GLAD GLAD GLAD GLAD GLAD GLAD GLAD GLAD GLAD GLAD when the redneck hockey is FINALLY over as well(I HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE it!) so I WON’T have to keep  hearing about it all the time(radio, newspaper, TV news, online,etc) and NOW  they mentioned about some Euro Trash soccer as well, so I can NEVER get away from that white trash loser crap! I wish I lived in a sports-free world!!