Over-React Much?

 People SERIOUSLY over-react when it comes to animals. They are obsessed and insane. For 2 days in a row the main story on the TV news was how people are leaving their pets in locked cars(which become like ovens and not a “smart” thing to do; at least leave the windows open) and how they get fined over 200$ and in the case where it died they were even arrested and face 6 MONTHS in JAIL! I mean, really, people? They’re DOGS for Pete’s sake, NOT people! Nowadays animals have MORE legal rights and protection than PEOPLE do; I mean, you can KILL your defenceless unborn BABY and it’s LEGAL but if you kill or abuse an ANIMAL you go to jail! Something is clearly wrong here ,society has it’s priorities all wrong,and people treat people like animals and  treat animals like people! A 200$ fine? You can buy a new DOG for that and animals are easily replacable, and what I  wonder if WHY do they even bring it in the first place? They’re not kids; they CAN be left home alone! They should have just left it at home. It really boggles my mind how bent out of shape people get over animals and how their status is superior to people! I just don’t “get” those animal freaks one bit!! I also KNOW all the animal freaks will come out of the woodwork reading this but don’t even BOTHER leaving scathing comments because I don’t give a rat’s ass WHAT you think, anyway!

As well, now my post-surgery pain suddenly got  alot WORSE: now my stomach/liver area has really swelled up and is tender and sore(I can’t even bend now) on the inside, and our 16 YR old got her driver’s learner’s permit as well,my mother’s weird and always sets her clock radio 10 minutes AHEAD(I thought the idea of a clock is so you know what the time REALLY is so you’re not late) and when I innocently asked why(because it makes no sense to me at all) she got all defensive and snarled, “I don’t have to explain myselt to YOU!” Well, excuuuuuse ME! She also sneered that I “don’t have to know everything” which is a laugh because I’m always the LAST to know anything(even though being the mother I SHOULD be one of the FIRST!) and no one ever tells ME anything and I’m always the LAST to know! She said she doesn’t understand it either why I wanted to spend time with her as a kid(I hardly ever saw her; she was always at work and I was farmed off to daycare, school, or camp) when NOW I “can’t wait to get rid of” her!

The 9 YR old also caught the 5 YR old trying to talk to strangers online “chat” so she told him no and my mother barges in, yelling and meddling as always telling her to leave him alone and not “boss” him around, etc. as usual NOT knowing the whole story, when she was TRYING to HELP him, and when I asked why the kids always leave the doors open and never remember to close them the 10 YR old goes, “Because we’re stupid kids!” and I saw on the news a town in USA has now BANNED public swearing and they’re fined 20$ if caught! So much for freedom of speech! MORE Big Brother tactics and censorship yet again! What will be outlawed NEXT? Welcome to the New World Order, where you have no rights or freedoms….unless, of course, you happen to be an animal, that is!