My Unexpected Adventure.

 Originally my plans for yesterday were to lay out in the sun and tan and to spy on the half-naked and tanned  pool guys with their shirts off….but alas, my body had ANOTHER idea! Instead, I ended up spending 6 HRS in the ER as from 1 am I woke up with this severe god-awful pain(worse than my gallstone attacks ever were!) under my right ribs and it felt like a “knot” underneath and it hurt so bad I couldn’t even move or call for help; I was frozen in pain. I was also coughing and short of breath and every breath hurt, esp. the deep ones. I was worried it was a blood clot in my lung which CAN happen following surgery.

I got seen right away(like in 10 min. a new record!) and they gave me a chest X-Ray, a pain shot in the arse(which didn’t work,nothing works for this pain!) because I refused to let them give me an IV as they refused to freeze it first, blood work(which DID come back positive for a blood klaat) an ECG(it was the same guy I recognized who did my pre-op one a few weeks ago) and then a lung scan which the machine looks like a CT scanner; a thin tube you pass thru and that rotates around you taking shots. The first part of this scan lasted 17 min.and I breathed in radioactive mist thru a mask for,(and it’s hard having to stay perfectly still and I was so stiff and sore now as WELL as in pain and my back was killing me!) and the other part 10 min. and they injected contrast dye into my veins.This test came back clear, no clot or tumor showed up so they guess it must be a chest inflammation either from the surgery or a virus. I got  NSAID pills for inflammation and pain but they don’t work either(NOTHING does for this pain and I STILL have it, now just a 6/10 on the pain scale now though) and I hope it doesn’t last long. They also admired my suntan and said I “rocked” my shaved head “like Sinead O’Connor” and thought my mother(who came with me) was my GRANDMOTHER and I laughed so hard my pain was even worse! I still can’t lay on either side now and it hurts when I take a deep breath or change positions, eg. standing to laying down,etc.Shit.

As well, the pool guys have FINISHED all the tiles! Yes, really, you read that right! They improvised and made a temporary “ledge” out of wood to hold the tiles up until the glue “sets”. Today they’ll do the grout and drain out the rest of the pool and clean it and hopefully tomorrow we can get the water delivered to fill it and can use it over the weekend when it’s supposed to be scorching hot again!

The 16 YR old also told the 14 YR old that she doesn’t come downstairs until I’ve gone up to bed for the night because I’m “annoying” and “no one likes” me and she wants to “avoid” me and this really hurts. SHE’S the transgendered Goth Vampire freak yet somehow I’M “annoying” and at fault because I DON’T put UP with it and am trying to raise her right? They were to be told about summer camp at Cadets as well and they didn’t and said they’ll either phone or e-mail them up to 2 days before they leave.Typical last minute here. NO ONE  is organized or plans ahead and I HATE it!

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