Bee Stings And Other Stuff.

 Our 10 YR old got stung by either a bee or a wasp, the pool guys have finished grouting the tiles(but accidently covered up a hole where the rope attaches!) so with any luck it MIGHT be ready for tomorrow if they get it drained, cleaned and filled today , the kids played this song “Afro Circus” from the new Madagascar movie and now it’s stuck in my head and I can’t get it out, and my hubby’s brother’s wife had her appendix removed; it was perforated and leaking and she has to stay in the hospital 4-5 days to control the infection,and I found out 2 MORE of  my cousins had THEIR gallbladders out TOO(so, so far that’s 5 of us on my mom’s side of the family that had it removed, and that’s who I KNOW of, there could be more) and my BP WAS still high as well at my hospital visit 2 days ago: 175/120 so I guess losing the gallbladder had no effect on it afterall, and they’d asked several times(during X-rays and lung scan) if there’a any chance I could be prego and I replied,”Only if it’s an Immaculate Conception!” I also didn’t have to wear the “shower cap” in surgery either as I have no hair!!

I saw in the news 500 students in schools here were suspended because they weren’t vaccinated and were only allowed back if they got vaccines and showed PROOF, once again Big Brother controlling people,and yet another reason to homeschool and I’m so glad that we DO: free from much of the Nanny State’s intrusion ,demands,oppression,watchful eye,and interference, the 9 YR old was sick and barfed but seems ok now and the 5 YR old also hit her on the head with the TV remote(he’s so mean) and both he and I have coughs now(and he napped and felt a bit warm,too) and may have colds.