Kick The Bum Out!!

 With any luck the province very well might have a summer election and I hope so as this will be the only possible way to get rid of the lying, scheming, corrupt Liberals! We have to kick out McGuinty and there’s no way they’d ever be re-elected(if they are then people in this country are even DUMBER than I THOUGHT!!) The Opposition has refused to pass the budget unless changes are made and the stubborn Minority Liberals refuse to compromise or co-operate so an election might be held. We have them to “thank” for rising hydro costs, wasteful spending, high gas prices,mismanagement, corruption, Gay-straight alliance, all day Kindergarten, freezing doctors and teachers wages,forced vaccinations on kids, school indoctrination, cutting funding to schools and healthcare,ORNGE scandal,high taxes,reducing services, G20 police brutality, licensing fees, Big Brother Nanny State policies,unemployment,rising tuition costs, allowing a little boy to go blind by refusing to fund his medical expenses abroad as treatment’s not available here, etc. it goes on and on. It’s TIME to get RID of him and the immoral ethically-challenged Liberals! As well, in BC the courts have legalized euthansia and assisted suicide, which are both forms of murder. I hate this country.It sucks! I wish I could leave except I can’t afford to move!

As well, the pool is cleaned and set to go and they’re supposed to be delivering the water today but it costs 1000$! For WATER, can you believe it? What is it, liquid GOLD? I bet filling it up with gasoline would cost less! (I wonder how many truck loads it will take and how long it will take to fill? I imagine a few HRS….)So between that, the tiles,and the labour it comes to a grand total of 6600$! It’s been 4 weeks for the repairs and it’s weird but in a way I’ll sort of “miss” the pool guys as they’ve been here so long,seeing them out there every day, they’ve almost become a part of our “family”, ha ha!

Next door they’re also turning the slum into a 3 apt. unit ( with 1 and 2 bedrooms each) and will be charging 1200$  a month for each unit and there’s no way anyone here would pay that; I’ve seen ads to rent entire houses in this area  for 600$-900$ a month so why would they pay 1200$ for just a THIRD of a house,having to share,and 1200$ was what WE were paying for our monthly MORTGAGE at our old house, so why rent when you can buy for the same price and get an entire house? They put in a hot tub in the backyard  as well which is unusual for rednecks(who live there now) but then again rednecks couldn’t afford 1200$ a month anyway so either way we should end up getting a better “class” of people living next door, although what I suspect is they’ll have to lower the rent to 500$ or so in order to get tenants…