Pool Repairs, part 3.

 Part 3 of repairs and the pool is done, 4 long weeks later. 119 000 litres of water has been delivered, taking 7 truck loads and 4 1/2 HRS. It’s now all set and ready to go! Total repair cost: 6600$! How does it look? Anyone wanna swim?

Pool Repairs part 2.

 Stage 2 of the repairs and the pool is completely drained of water. New tiles have been applied after the old ones have been removed. Pool has been power washed, scrubbed and cleaned, preparing for the water delivery.

Pool Repairs Part 1.

 Here is the pool in stage 1 of repairs. It was mostly drained, the concrete slab borders were removed, and it was cleaned and old mortar(that had turned to a sandy consistancy) was removed and cleaned. Slabs were then returned and new mortar put on to secure them.