Hawaiian Tropic.

I love the smell of Hawaiian Tropic Dark Tanning Oil. It smells like coconuts and reminds me of when I was 13 and in the summer my friends and I used to hop on the streetcar and go to the local Greenwood pool and suntan and swim. I used it then and still use it now, as well as my “magic formula” of baby oil mixed with iodine. I have fond memories of that time, esp. as most of it was marked with the scars of bullying so it made me cherish and remember the happy times(such as this) even more. I also remember how I was pissed that my friends always  got deeper darker, quicker tans than I did, but they were Asian and already had a head-start on me on having darker skin to begin with,anyway! 🙂

I still have pain where my gallbladder was as well(even though the incisions have all healed up) almost as if the gallbladder’s still there, and I wonder if it’s maybe “phantom” pain, or perhaps a stone somehow got left behind and stuck in a duct, or maybe just something’s still sore, bruised, or twisted from the surgery 13 days ago? I also found out my aunt had gallbladder CANCER and it spread to her bile ducts and eventually liver, and that’s what killed her, and I now wonder if  she had  had hers out (like the other 5 of us did) then it wouldn’t have happened and now wonder if now since we have had ours out that it prevents it,and had we hadn’t that we might have ended up with gallbladder cancer,too? My friend from grade 6’s mother also died of cancer the other day as well.So sad.

The 5 YR old also continues to be holy awful: he asked the 9 YR old to get him a freezie and when she did he tried to slam the freezer door down on her head and he tried to push her down the stairs too,and he bit, hit,kicked,and pinched her, and when scolded he threw a chair at me! He likes to wear his shirts on backwards and his shoes on the wrong feet as wel and said he “has a geocache in his ear.” I seriously think he’s disturbed. I scooped a dead chipmunk out of the pool skimmer as well but was also able to rescue another one in time  that had fallen in.

I heard former Egyptian leader Hosni Mubarak had a stroke and is in critical condition and on life support and I don’t know for sure what kind of person he is on the inside(who am I to know or say?) but I still pray for him  anyway because he’s still a person, and asshole Canada smugly refuses to help “bail” Europe out of it’s financial crisis and said it’s “not their problem”(serves them right later when Europe rebounds and it eventually WILL, and remembers that they weren’t there to help them when they needed it and then refuse to trade with them) and here there are cameras in the airports already that spy on people but now they ALSO want to install listening devices too to spy on people’s conversations,and just when I think this country can’t POSSIBLY suck any MORE than it already does it somehow manages to find a way, and many foster homes in the Child Welfare system have been exposed in the media  for rampant abuse, incl. sex cults and sex rings, with kids being ,molested,and we always knew they’re evil but now everyone else will, too, and my cousin said about Child Welfare that “they snoop around alot”,and a family fled this country and moved to Jamaica as well, telling people that, “The gov’t takes your kids away in Canada.” That about says it all. This country SUCKS and is NOT the “free” democracy that it wants people to think but becoming a fascist Police State more and more all the time!!