Letting Go Of Material Things.

 Yesterday morning when I looked out the back window I gasped and almost screamed. The day before the pool water was a nice crystal clear, clean, sparkling blue…..and all of a sudden overnight it was a dark GREEN; the algae was back again(that didn’t take long; just 4 days of nice blue water!) AND the water level was low, below the skimmers so the jets werne’t circulating either, so between that, all the heavy rain we’ve had, AND the oppressive heat( it was 32 C with humidex of 42 C yesterday, and it was 42C when I was in Egypt and believe me, that’s REALLY hot!) all contribute to algae growth,despite me being vigilant with putting in the required chemicals for maintenance and prevention. Needless to say I was crushed, esp. after it cost so much to have the pool filled,and now the kids didn’t even want to use it but after  al lthe expense we put in to it NOT using it is NOT an option! So, I added more algaecide, backwashed it twice, and added stabilizer and more “shock.” It seems a bit better, now a lighter green, and the water is still clear, not cloudy or murky,but I know from past experience once it turns green it STAYS green. This is so depressing and I’m sick of it every year!

It leads me to think: I should try and let go of material things. In not doing so it creates me extra anxiety and worry; I worry that things will be lost, stolen, or damaged in some way. I esp. seem to worry about my garden and am upset when the pool guys broke a garden gnome for example, or when the flowers get trampled on  or eaten, or when the pool water turns green. These things greatly distress me and I know they shouldn’t to such a degree. Other material things for me can also provide a sense of “safety” or security, or in some cases, happy memories such as souvenirs or clothing I bought abroad, or even irreplacable mementos such as diaries and photographs,or the toy I’ve had since I was 5 or so, and I would be shattered if they were to be destroyed. I think a part of that might stem from when I DID lose everything(other than the clothes on my back) with our fire 16 YRS ago that started in my bedroom.

I am also always nagging at the kids to be careful, careful not to knock over the lamp, not to play in the livingroom for fear the Grandfather clock or the TV might be broken, things like that,and there’s no way I’ll ever let them use the “Slip and Slide” inflatable water slide ever again since it killed the grass last time and turned it into a grassless muddy wreck that a slum would be proud of. Letting go of material things would also be liberating and freeing, and spiritually beneficial as well, but HOW? How do I DO it? How do I just let GO of things that we’ve spent good money on and can’t afford to replace,when I have respect for things, or to let go of things that are valuable or sentimental to me? I know it would relieve alot of stress if I wasn’t always so concerned about them or about losing them,and I know from the fire that things CAN be replaced(whereas people can not) so this is something I will try to work on. I will try to let go of my attachment and anxiety to material things. I know when I die I can’t take anything with me except my soul. I know holding on to material things hinders one spiritually. I will try to not place so much emotional attachment and importance on to them……


As well, the kids discovered by accident that if you leave a pretzel in Kool Aid that it will swell,expand and grow bigger being wet, so now they wet a whole bunch of pretzels to achieve the desired effect, and more Big Brother tactics I read in the news: highschools in Toronto are forcing the teens to undergo breathalizer tests before the can enter for their proms, with the idea of keeping alcohol out and refusing entrance to anyone who’s drunk which is a good thing but the mandatory tests on EVERYBODY is bad; treating them all like criminals. What they should do is if someone looks,acts, or smells drunk THEN have them tested, but not automatically to everyone without just cause, and hugs have been banned in a certain school as well( I can see that bullying is…but HUGS?) they aren’t even allowed to hug and comfort a hurting friend or to link arms or hold hands or anything, so the students had a “Hug-in” protest in defiance(good for them!) and sadly the provincial budget DID pass, so no election. Crap. I was hoping that this would be our chance to FINALLY get RID of that asshat McGuinty and the corrupt Liberals, AKA the “Fiberals.” This country sucks! I have to get out of here except I can’t afford to move. 😦