Compassion And Mercy.

 Former Egyptian leader Hosni Mubarak was sentenced to prison for the riots and now he is on his death bed. I think they should show some compassion and send him to the hospital instead so at least he can die with some dignity and not in prison. I think that’s what the world and society needs: more compassion and mercy.

Another recent case is that of a teen who stole a car and went for a joyride and ended up killing a cop as the cop pulled him over he panicked and sped off, with the cop holding on, falling off and dying. In the accident the teen was also left paralyzed form the neck down. The courts want him tried as an adult so he can get life in prison but I think they should show some compassion. It was an accident; I don’t think he actually meant to kill the cop, things just spun out of control and he got scared and it went horribly wrong and the way I see it is he’s being punished enough by being a quadrapalegic; he’s immobilized in a wheelchair for the rest of his life, helpless and dependent, needing to be fed, changed and dressed, basically his life is over. He’s now a prisoner in his own body and on top of that also has to live with his guilt and his conscience, having to live with himself because of what he did someone died. Isn’t that punishment enough? Besides, they wouldn’t even have the proper facilities in a prison that he’d need for his wheelchair and constant 24 HR care. He needs to be in a long-term care facility.I say he’s suffered enough and paid for his recklessness already  by being confined to a wheelchair for the rest of his life. There needs to be more compassion and mercy in the world.It really does go a long way.


As well, I found a dead baby bat by the poolside and it never ceases to amaze me all the various dead wildlife I find in our backyard in the summer, and luckily the pool is better now, pretty well all back to normal; the water was mainly blue with just a slightest green tinge in the morning and then later in the day pretty much back to the way it was, and now the gov’t is tightening and restricting mortgages so now even fewer people will be able to afford to buy their own home, making it even more out of reach. They say it’s to curb debt, but it’s still just more Nanny State policies that are becoming more and more prevalent in this godforsaken country.Big Brother should stay out of people’s affairs and mind it’s own business. I am NOT a “fan” of Big Gov’t or gov’t intrusion!