Bullying On The Bus.

 It’s all over the news how 68 YR old widowed grandmother Karen Klein of New York state was mercilessly and cruelly taunted and bullied on a school bus by 4 grade 7 boys. Her job was being a bus monitor and for 10 gruelling minutes this poor woman was abused and ridiculed while it was being filmed and later posted online. THe bullie call her “fat” “ugly” “troll”, etc. and tell her she’s too ugly to look at and they need to wear glasses and that her family should kill themselves so they won’t have to look at her, etc.(and tragically her son DID commit suicide 10 YRS ago so that jeer was esp. hurtful and painful to hear) and they were even poking her as well, sending her into tears.

I just can’t believe how heartless and cruel people can be. I know what it’s like too as I too was cruelly bullied in grades 7, 8 and half of 9(until I transferred schools). I was called names, tripped, hit,punched, spit on, had gum put in my hair, had my clothes shoved in the toilet,whacked over the head, had my arms pinched black and blue, etc. It hurts me whenever I see anyone else bullied because I KNOW what it feels like. I still have the emotional scars to this day and no self-esteem. I hope the boys responsible for Karen’s bullying will be expelled from school; with only a few days of the school YR left suspension won’t mean too much so I hope they’ll be expelled. This will set a good example that bullying will not be tolerated for any reason. They have also received death threats as people rally around the victim, tired of bullying.Now they’ll know what it feels like to be bullied and I bet they don’t like it!

This story also brought out the good in people too: a complete stranger set up an online fund hoping to collect 5000$ to send Karen on a nice vacation and it’s to be up for 30 days and now after just 2-3 days it’s already received over a half a MILLION$$$$ in donations! Wow! All I got for all my YRS of torment was emotional scars, so 1/2 a million is a good deal! I’ll bet too that most of those that donated had been bullied at some point in their lives too…..I hope now Karen will quit her job and no longer have to subject herself to such abuse and now she’ll have more than enough $$$$ to comfortably retire.Good for her!! It’s nice to see that at least something good came out of all this.


As well, I had a dream that I was a mermaid, and had another recurring dream that I have Chihuahuas again, and telling my mother, “We don’t get SHIT here in this country!” she quipped in reply, “That’s ALL we get here: SHIT!” and it’s interesting how Canada somehow manages to be BOTH full of shit AND shitless at the same time,and I’m sick of always getting the shaft here,and being gouged, cheated,and ripped off, and now the gov’t is cutting back on medical coverage for refugees as well , to “save money” and “only covering emergency treatment” but that DOESN’T incl. heart, diabetes, or pre-natal! WTF? This country is SOOOOO anti-immigration it makes me SICK,and medical care is a basic human right. Jesus also commands us to take CARE of the widow, the orphan, AND the resident alien….that means foreigners, folks, immigrants and refugees! They should be welcomed and accepted with loving open arms, not rejected and denied access to medical care. I swear to God I HATE this country so much! It royally sucks ASS!!