Just Not Right!!

 I saw on the news sex killer Karla Homolka is now living a normal(perhaps even luxurious) life in the Caribbean with her 2nd husband and 3 kids after serving 12 YRS in jail for her part in the rapes and murders of 2 teens and her own teen sister in the 90’s. Her former husband Paul Bernardo is serving a Life sentence even though video evidence that came out AFTER she made a deal showed that she was much more involved than originally thought and likely was responsible for the murders since he was raping before but the killings didn’t begun until after he met her.

I don’t think it’s right after what she’s done that she can get to have a normal life. She should still be in prison for the rest of her life. I am also surprised someone married her( her lawyer’s brother) knowing who she is and what’s she’s done.Maybe he’s perverted and twisted too? She now goes under another name and lives in relative anonymity. I on the other hand live a clean moral life and I would love to leave here and live in the Caribbean(I have been to several of the islands) and I can’t afford to, yet a sick deviant killer like her is able to? It’s just not fair.She got off WAY too easy.She doesn’t deserve a normal family life and to live in peace.It’s not right.

As well, American football coach Jerry Sandusky was found guilty of molesting 45 boys over the YRS, incl. his own adopted son and will likely be sentenced to life. I don’t follow redneck sports but this was a story so horrible it was in the regular news so I was aware of it. I wonder though if his wife knew all along what he was doing and enabled him, esp. since she still IS standing by him and visiting him in prison. He’ll likely spend the rest of his life in jail which’s good, unlike here in Canada where  pedophiles rarely even have to spend 5 YRS in jail. It’s too bad that he got away with it as long as he did though, some 30 YRS or so, but it’s good that there’s finally justice. Can’t say I’m surprised though, rednecks often DO commit incest and molest kids.Perhaps HE’LL be raped in jail too and then he’ll know what it’s LIKE to be on the receiving end!

There was also this really stupid main story on the TV news 2 days in a row, lasting 10 min. each day about some stupid dog left in a car(must have been a slow news day) and sure enough yesterday when they reported about a baby left in a car that report lasted under a minute. Society is just SO fucked up, I swear. As well there was an international study of the top countries with open gov’ts and least secretive and we only placed 59th out of 80( ha ha) even Angola and Colombia scored better,with India and Slovenia the best. Once again, now the rest of the world knows Canada sucks. I’m not the only one that thinks so! Ontario also used to be one of the best provinces as well until the Liberal gov’t destroyed it and now it’s one of the worst.

The rednecks at the corner also have 5 trucks parked on their lawn in true redneck fashion, we have these pool toys(you toss to the bottom and have to dive under to retrieve them) that are squishy,elongated,spiky like cactuses and have heads that look like….well, you know, so we dubbed them “The Dildoes”, my mother’s always saying we have to shut the door when the A/C’s on and when she forgot and left it open and I reminded her,”Aren’t we supposed to shut the door?” she snarked,”Yes, MOTHER!”( so it’s ok for HER to remind US but WE can’t remind HER) and when she was being snarky and I replied back, she hissed, “I don’t need any snarky comments!” and when I said,”So I’M NOT allowed to have any snarky comments but YOU ARE?” she sneered,”That’s RIGHT!” She really IS “something”; a real nasty piece of work and I have to restrain myself from wanting to haul off and smack her a good one! She’s always provoking and goading me!