After School Party.

 Yesterday we had our annual After School Party with a pinata( the Transformers one seen here which I didn’t even know WAS; I just thought it was a robot; I never saw the movies) BBQ, games, and gifts. The grade 10 and 12 kids are behind in their work though and still not finished so they’ll be doing it over the summer, a homeschool version of Summer School! The 9 YR old also made both her and I matching friendship bracelets and in church she let out this huge fart(I told her,”Don’t fart in church!” and she said,”I can’t HELP it! Do you want me to EXPLODE?”) that echoed causing the teenage boy sitting in front of us to crack up laughing  uncontrollably, shaking and laughing for 10 minutes, and she told me “I like Fr. C the most because he’s black like Fr. P!”(Fr. P was her fave. priest.)They’re both from Nigeria.

I also got de-friended on Facebook because I don’t support and glorify  soldiers, the military, and war, and no one who invades other countries and kills innocent civilians is a “hero” and they spouted some usual American pro-war flag-waving rhetoric and I told them USA is nothing but Imperialist war mongers! It said on the news as well that Canada is a “Democratic Dictatorship” as the gov’t was elected but they don’t allow dissent, clamp down on people’s privacy, rights and freedoms, and tightly regulate,restrict, and control everything. Someone also searched, “Canada sucks because we have no freedom” to find my blog and my mother said it’s probably the RCMP after me for being a “subversive”, ha ha ha!

The Muslim Brotherhood has won Egypt’s first ever democratic and free election as well which the West isn’t too “happy” about being that it’s Islamist (and they’re NOT pro-American either, which I think is to their credit)but so WHAT? What matters is what the EGYPTIAN people want and that’s who they voted for,and besides, it IS a Muslim country! At first I heard the President-elect’s name and thought it was “Morrisey”(it’s actually Morsi) and I thought to myself,”What the hell kind of Arab name is Morrisey?” It remains to be seen though if the current governing military will indeed give up power and hand control of the country over to the  election winner, and the country is divided as well with close to half supporting the elected Morsi and the other half still loyal to the military regime, which can be a recipe for division, revolution,and even  civil war….