True Hope Moxie Girlz.

 I first heard about 5-6 months ago that for cancer there were going to be bald Barbies, Bratz,and Moxie Girlz dolls released in June and July this YR. Since I am bald I am looking forward to it. I was able to pre-order the bald Bratz,which ships out the end of July, the Barbie won’t be available until next YR and only in selected children’s hospitals, and the Moxie was released 15 June….but only in USA and I have been unable to order them as they don’t ship here(and my hubby hasn’t been able to get a hold of his American friend to order it and ship it to his place and he can re-send it) and they’re not available here so I’m just shit-out-of-luck and I’m pissed off. I was excited to get one! I HATE it that we never get anything good here,and on average it takes about 5 YRS from when a product is released in USA until it comes here(if it ever does) and many places won’t ship here  either due to high tarriff costs, strict import restrictions, and high cost of packaging due to stupid bilingual rules,and what products we DO have here cost 70% MORE than the same ones in USA and at least 50% more than in other countries! I am so SICK of always being ripped-off, limited, missing out,cheated,and gouged here.Even as a kid I never liked this country and always wished I lived somewhere else and would like to move to either Europe, the Caribbean, New Zealand, or Singapore.Canada sucks!!

In the meantime, how the hell do I get the bald Moxie doll? I won’t give up…

As well, I found a dead mouse in the pool skimmer now and am always finding these hidden surprises, the 11 YR old calls one of her boy Liv dolls “Jake Thunderbed” which cracks me up as it sounds like a porn name or something,and it angers me that after the mall collapse in Elliot Lake they have called off rescue efforts despite there being 30 people unaccounted for and they HAVE been hearing sounds of survival incl. tapping, but due to it being structurally unsound they aren’t going in and calling it now a “recovery” effort instead of a rescue effort, so they’re just going to LET that poor person that’s trapped but still alive just DIE! How heartless is that? It’s their JOB to try and rescue people,and of course  it is dangerous, that’s part of the job! How can they just leave someone to die like that? Imagine how that poor trapped person must feel knowing no one is coming for them? Hopeless, forsaken,forlorn, and despairing don’t even begin to describe it.

I also heard that devout Muslim women and girls don’t wear bathing suits as they are immodest and  expose too much skin,and I personally don’t like bikinis for the same reason; they are slutty and too revealing and I only wear one-pieces and only let my girls wear one-piece….so then the thought occurred to me,”Well then what do they wear when they go swimming?” since they have to be covered up and  I truly doubt that none of  them swim ever, so do they just wear wetsuits like for SCUBA diving, or what, although even they are tight-fitting so maybe that’s not an option either. I suppose they’d only swim where there’s no men or boys, but what would they still  wear to cover up their arms and legs? I mean, they can’t swim with their clothes on; I tried that for life guard training once and it’s heavy and  REALLY pulls you down! One of those things that makes you go, “Hmmmmm….”

I also posted on Facebook and an American assumed I was living  in USA and snarked, “If you don’t like it here then go back where you came from!” and I told them I don’t even LIVE there, but it’s a typical obnoxious  arrogant American reply though; they are so arrogant and presumptious to assume that EVERYONE who ever posts online either must  live there or wants to move there.They really think that they are the entire universe and the “best” country in the world when in reality they are the asshole of the world and the rest of the world hates them and laughs at them behind their back.