Flaunting Sin.

 It’s now Gay Pride Week in Toronto this week and the Pride Parade on Sunday.The mayor is not attending again this YR either, obviously he doesn’t support it and for that I admire him; finally someone that stands up for what he believes in and for what’s right and won’t be pressured by the gay lobbyists. I don’t agree with it either, brazenly flaunting, promoting and encouraging sin. The idea of half-naked people in black leather and chains, men dressed in drag, and people making out in public disgusts me and some things should be discreet and be kept private. I don’t want to see ANYONE prancing around naked or making out; gay OR straight. I don’t need to know,and don’t WANT to know, what goes on in people’s bedrooms. I have no desire to hear about people’s perversions, fetishes, kinks, etc.and don’t approve of the Pride events that blatantly promote and glorify sin. I am not “against” gay people,and am not a “homophobe”; in fact, my lawyer was gay, I have gay friends, and even the love of my life(who I wanted to marry) turned out to be gay. I just don’t approve of publically promoting ANYTHING sinful and anything sexual should be kept private.Not everyone approves of the gay lifestyle and that’s ok; we have the right to believe what we want to as well  and tolerance has to work both ways. I’m still waiting for the Hetero Pride Parade as well but I won’t hold my breath….


As well, we picked fresh still-warm from the sun blackberries and mulberries from our backyard, the 16 YR old got her driver’s license AND her bank statement in the mail(verifying her name, photo and address) so she FINALLY was able to re-new her health card and photo(no set-backs like we had before) and I notice now with my gallbladder gone that I’m NOT as gassy and don’t have headaches as much, and I’m not as hungry,either; my appetite has decreased and I’m hoping to lose weight. I also hope my BP has lowered now as well…

We also solved my dilemma as to how to order my bald Moxie doll when they don’t ship to Canada: we found an online company that’s a “middle-man”, where we join and they give us an address in USA to have our items mailed to and then for a small fee they re-ship it to us. We joined up and are just awaiting verification. I am so glad I am finally able to get the doll, among countless other things we have wanted to order but they only ship to USA! Problem solved! Yay!! Where there’s a will, there’s a way!

In the news they also said over 400 boys have been molested in Scouts Canada  over the past few decades with a great many NOT reported to the proper authorities(such as the police) and only now is it being further investigated. Our kids are in Cubs but this is why we never leave them there alone; my hubby stays WITH them for all activities and we don’t allow them to sleep over. Pedophiles lurk everywhere kids are and it’s up to the parents to be extra cautious in protecting their children. Our kids can’t go to  overnight camp and sleep over until they are 12 years old as by then they’re older, bigger, stronger, and more aware and how to protect themselves but the younger kids are always supervised and never left alone or do overnights.