For awhile now I have been debating whether or not to buy a pair of  hippie-style Birkenstock sandals for summer, being that they cost over 100$ but finally DID! I ordered the pair on the left online but they won’t arrive until the end of July. Shit! That means summer will already be half over before I get to wear them! I fail at life!  Birkenstocks are also the unofficial official footwear of homeschoolers! It’s leather or suede, made in Germany,and moulded to comfortably fit your feet and ease foot strain.

As well, when I commented that sports are “for rednecks” my mother hissed,”That’s just what YOU think!” even though SHE thinks so too and hates it as well; she just always has to contradict , challenge,and goad me, and I replied, “It’s not what I THINK; it’s what I KNOW!” and Cadets are so picky for the kids’ camp as well, making them wear PJ’s to bed(and not a T-shirt) and making us spend extra expense not only buying that but also water shoes( to swim) sunscreen,etc. all stuff we don’t normally buy or use, adding even  more expense,and I just find them to be ridiculous, picky, and over-bearing.They just have so many unnecessary  rules(eg. hair length, no earrings, etc.) and restrictions it’s crazy.

I also heard on the news an American yogurt company is hoping to set up business in Kingston which will employ some 1300 jobs but the problem is this stupid country has such tight regulations and controls on milk; prices, how much you can buy or sell, price restrictions, quotas, etc. so  now they’re not sure they’ll be able to aquire enough milk to even make their product and may have to scrap the idea. This country also has regulations and quotas on wheat as well ,and such strict control on trade and such it scares away investments and they limit how much foreign investment and companies can set up here as well. A true fascist state if I ever saw one and makes it even harder in this economy.

The 5 YR old continues to be an unholy terror as well: he bit, hit, pinched, and kicked the girls, stabbed them with a key,and purposely slammed the 13 YR old’s hand in a door, and he’s so intolerable the kids don’t even LIKE him anymore and refuse to play with him now he’s so bad and so mean,and the 14 YR old doesn’t even want to share a bedroom with him anymore(but he has no choice as we have no other rooms to put him!) He’s just so bad it’s affecting his siblings’ relationships with him now and we have no idea what to do; he won’t obey and he’s so out of control I KNOW he’s not “right”; that he’s disturbed and that there’s SOMETHING wrong with him yet my mother and hubby refuse to believe it and there’s nothing we can DO about it….