Canada Day.

 Today is Canada Day, the biggest money making day of the YR for our family business(unless, of course, it rains, and a storm IS forecasted, which figures)It’s the Canadian version of the Fourth Of July. We got this pamphlet from our local  MP regarding it and it was full of such lies it made my stomach turn, it said the following false propaganda:

“There is much to be proud of.Canadians are known throughout the world as:

– “defenders of human rights”( yeah, I’m sure all the innocent villagers our troops killed in Afghanistan and those wrongfully detained in jails here and those G20 protesters beaten by police  will agree)

– “supporters of cultural diversity”( sure….right….this country is SO anti-immigration and cutting services to refugees; they don’t want foreigners to come and if they’re already here they want them to leave; very unfriendly to immigrants and alot of racism ,and I’m sure the oppressed Native People will have an issue with that,too)

– “advocates for freedom, democracy,and the rule of law”( yeah, right; privacy, freedom, legal rights, democracy,and justice is a joke here in this Nanny State, and I bet innocent people who have lost their kids to Child Welfare wouldn’t agree,either)

– “protectors of our rich natural beauty”(code words: we protect the environment and animal rights but don’t give a rat’s ass about the people or human need)

“Canada is the greatest country in the world and we are fortunate to call it home.”(give me a barf bag for that one; it’s so Big Brother,clamping down on rights and freedom I hate it and wish I could leave)

Yesterday in Mass(we had to switch and go Saturday) they even sang the National Anthem at the end but I refused to in protest; it would be hypocritical and phony to do so when I feel the way I do about this place,and I don’t think there’s ANYTHING worth celebrating and I want no part of it.Phooey!


As well, our oldest finally got a summer job: administrative work at an agency that sends nurses into people’s homes( my mother used to be a nurse for a registry like that YRS ago) and yesterday would have originally been the day I returned home from India(except I never ended up going) the 11 YR old is going to sewing camp for 4 days later in the month,my hubby threw out the 5 YR old’s old baby toys for garbage so I rescued them; they’re in good condition and it’s wasteful to just throw them out and we’ll donate them to charity.

I was also watching the news and the satellite went out yet AGAIN(it’s always doing that) and of course it didn’t go off when loser sports was on(that I skip thru anyway), but during the real news that I didn’t want to miss(doesn’t it figure?) and the grade 7 boys that cruelly bullied the bus monitor in USA  got suspended from school for a YR, have to go to a “special” school(ha ha) can no longer take the bus to school and have to do 50 HRS community service with seniors. Good! It’s about time bullies got punished and this must be the for the first time ever!