Nostalgic Smells.

 It’s interesting how certain smells can trigger happy memories from my childhood. They can take me back to happy times such as going to camp, the cottage, childhood summers,visiting my cousins, times with friends, camping, etc. Specifically the smells that take me back are wildflowers, clovers, crayons, Play Doh, musty sleeping bags and lifejackets, motor boat fuel,the smell of air mattresses and tents, fresh linen, freshly mowed grass, damp soil after a rain, cedar shavings,suntan oil,etc. and certain sounds can trigger happy memories as well such as chirping crickets,whirring fans, thunderstorms, etc. It’s nice every now and then to take trips back to memory lane by a mere scent, and funny as well as at the time the memory was being made I had no idea that there would one day BE anything special or memorable about the time; it was just a day in the life at the time,and I had no idea that one day I would look back on those events with great happiness and wishing I could go back there again and that it would end up being one of the best moments of my life.

As well, in the 3 weeks since I had my gallbladder removed I THOUGHT my headaches were gone as I hadn’t had any….nevermind….yesterday I had one so BAD it lasted all day and I was nauseated and jet-lagged tired with the pain and even had to nap 2 HRS! We went to the fireworks for Canada Day as well and our 11 YR old made 70$ selling her hand-made charms at our vendor booth, but we made less than usual as this time the stores were open; usually everything’s closed and everyone’s at the Canada Day celebrations as nothing else’s open so we have no competition,and the only good thing about this country is universal health care available for all(except for the refugees, that is, starting now their coverage is severely limited) but nothing else so there’s nothing for me to celebrate. It’s a morally bankrupt Big Brother Nanny State fascist country that squashes freedom, rights and pretty much everything else but that glorifies, promotes and legalizes sin, and bans, regulates, controls and restricts everything, indoctrinates kids in schools and clamps down on dissent and anyone who’s not mainstream, and where society is socially engineered to blindly accept enviro dogma and propaganda and embrace the gay agenda and where religion and any sense of morality, values, or family is not tolerated and is even persecuted and where police brutality and state intrusion goes unchecked.

Just my “luck” as well: when I went to post my blog of course it HAD to be then that the site was down for maintenance; it couldn’t have been any of the OTHER 23 HRS and 40 mins of the day, I really think I AM a “jinx”, I saw somewhere it said “A house is not a home without pets” and I think it should be “A house is not a home without children” as KIDS are what make a home and complete a family, and a friend of mine from grade 8’s house burned down, like ours did 16 YRS ago and hers was an electrical fire as well, and another friend from grade 10 is getting married(her 2nd) this week,too and moving to USA.