People VS Pets.

 Yesterday there was a dog rooting thru our garbage by the side of the house so I scared if off with a stick and I like sitting outside on the front veranda on a sweltering hot day as it’s cooler, shadier,and windier there than at the back but I hate doing it now as it irks me to no end to always see the dumb rednecks in this town letting their dogs go to the bathroom on our grass, even with me sitting right there! I give them the stink-eye but won’t SAY anything for fear of retribution, and a friend from grade 10 and I got into a heated online disagreement about pets as well; she thinks they’re the be-all-and-end-all,enrich life and are preferable to people, and I said I think they’re just a burden and she said I’m “cold” for not liking animals and that she feels “sorry” for me and what “kind” of person am I if animals don’t provide enjoyment.

It’s not that I don’t like animals; I feed the birds, chipmunks,and squirrels daily; I just don’t want them in my house wrecking the place. Been there, done that, and the dogs were always a cause for conflict, arguments, fights, stress, aggravation and discord in our family; fighting over who has to clean up the mess, or becase they ruined someone’s stuff, etc. and they were noisy, smelly, destructive, chewed everything, and messy,and one of them was vicious and always growled, bit and attacked us!. They provided no enjoyment whatsoever and were just work, a stress, and  added aggravation that we didn’t need and when we got rid of them our lives were more peaceful. NOT everyone likes animals and there’s nothing wrong with that; we’re all different and that’s ok.

As well, domestic pet ownership is uncommon in most of the world( except for in North America and Europe), incl. the Caribbean and Middle East, and, in fact, Muslims even consider dogs to be unclean. In other parts of the world animals are just animals, live outdoors and are used for working and farming, and not kept as indoor pets. People there do NOT elevate them to a status equal(or even superior) to people like they do here, and realize that they’re NOT people and that people take priority.They are more logical and balanced and  not so zealous and over-the-top about animals, unlike here where animals have more rights and legal protection than people do!!

I think my friend has just become an animal freak and one of those people that probably loves her pets more than her kids and treats the pets better than her kids, and the type that in a fire would probably rescue the pets first, before the people. People like that don’t even deserve a second thought and it baffles me that people get so insane and bent out of shape over animals. REALLY!