Tom Cruise Escandalo.

 Hollywood actors Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are divorcing after 5 YRS of marriage and my only question is, “What TOOK her so long?” There have been gay rumours about him for YRS, that it was a “sham” marriage, more of a business contract, that he was controlling,telling her what she can and cannot wear, who her friends could be, monitoring her if she left the house, etc., that she wasn’t too fond of his beloved Church of Scientology, that she was like a robot, or a “Stepford Wife” ,and I haven’t seen her smiling in photos or looking happy in a long time. I think she finally got tired of being treated like a child and of living a lie and wanted freedom and to have her life back.She probably also wants the freedom to find love,too.

It was probably fun in the beginning, living a life of luxury, being famous jet-setters but I guess in time she’d had enough. She surprised him with the divorce petition and now it’s said they’ve already handled it privately, avoiding court and the media. My guess? She blackmailed him; she likely said she’ll expose the truth( that he is gay and their marriage was a hoax) and I have also always thought her  6 YR old daughter Suri was actually fathered by her ex boyfriend Chris Klein, esp, as she looks like him, esp. the eyes,(and she met Tom a month after they broke up) and I remember reading YRS ago that Tom had mumps as a teen and is sterile(and if he really IS gay that would also rule out his paternity).She also didn’t want Suri raised in Scientology and the head of the “church”(I think it’s more of a philosophy than a church) told Tom it was making them look bad and to wrap it up quickly and privately, and heard whispers as well he threatened to expose his secrets he’d exposed to him thru Scientology “auditing”; that he’d release the tapes.

So, all things considered, Tom decided to back off custody and let Katie have Suri(and he has visitations) as apparantly keeping his secrets hidden is what’s most important to him(more so than “his” daughter) and as for Katie any mother would do whatever she HAS to, to keep her child. There’s also a rumour that Tom has 3 secret also famous lovers he wants to keep hidden to protect all their careers: a musician, an actor(thought to be John Travolta) and an athlete(thought to be David Beckham.) I wonder WHY go thru so much trouble and secrecy and such elaborate hoaxes to cover up if he IS gay? I mean, nowadays that would help your career, not damage it, and wouldn’t just SAYING he’s gay be better than living a lie and always being fearful you will be found out? I mean, just admit it. Wouldn’t that be better than this phony life?


As well, my mother mentioned something about “All 52 American states” and after I stifled my laughter I told her, “They only have 50 states”, but like a friend said, how many Americans actually know how many provinces WE have, too, and she doesn’t care or say anything either if the 5 YR old leaves the door open but yells at everyone else( with her it’s not what you DO, it’s who you ARE) and always excuses, “He’s 5 YRS old!” and last YR it was, “He’s 4 YRS old!” and next YR it’ll be,”He’s 6 YRS old!” etc. and she and my hubby also only ever choose to see the OTHER kids hitting HIM back when HE started it  and not HIM for doing it first!

I also would rather watch anything than the redneck Calgary Stampede(nothing says “trailer trash” more than a rodeo) and the 13 and 11 YR olds always play together and leave out the 9 YR old even though she wants to be included,and *I* was always the one ostracized ,shunned, and left out as a child too and I WON’T see it or let it happen to anyone else and I’m NOT letting my kids do it to eachother! I make them share and include people and can’t leave anyone out. It’s just mean and I won’t have it. I know what it feels like.