Theoretical Physicists.

 Between the discovery of the Higgs-boson particle and watching the TV show “The Big Bang Theory” it got me thinking if I could do any job; a “dream” job I might want to be a theorertical physicist, mainly because it’s the opposite of what I am in reality; to be a physicist one has to not only be smart, but brilliant, and really good at math…..and I’m NOT so smart and can’t do math! I also think being a microbiologist would be cool; working in a lab, basically away from having to work with others(it would suit my Social Phobia very well) doing research on various diseases and pathogens. It would be cool to be a pilot as well; I love flying,and to fly my OWN plane or helicopter would be amazingly awesome, and again the opposite of me as they need excellent spatial perception and be good at math whereas I have a perception problem and can’t judge space, distance, or follow maps, directions, or instructions, and I can’t even drive a CAR!

I knew a physicist once, back in the late 80’s; he was from France and had a PhD in laser physics. I thought at the time he was my friend but we was really arrogant and condescending and talked down to people,and I remember one time he was over at my house and I played Brahm’s Hungarian Dance on violin for him, wanting to “impress” him that I had a skill at something too, but he said it wasn’t that good and I was crushed. He also had a girlfriend when he was living in Germany and he’d moved and left the country and never even told her, which I thought was heartless. Needless to say, we drifted apart as friends and to this day I don’t know what happened to him after 1988 but he was the smartest person I knew.(On the other hand the dumbest person I ever knew when she was 16 thought New York was a country and when I told her it was a state and USA’s the country she goes, “Now there’s 3 countries in the world…Canada, New York, and USA!” I have never met anyone so dense in my entire life!!)


As well, on the news they said the gov’t here is giving scientists and doctors the shaft and it’s resulting not only in strikes,protests, lawsuits, and such but also what they called a “brain drain”; they said the best ,smartest, and most skilled and educated people are leaving this country in droves and looking for jobs and a new life in other countries(so I guess I’m NOT the only one that thinks Canada sucks monkey balls!) and a FB friend who claims to be a Christian says he doesn’t want Muslims living next door to him and I told him it ‘s a hateful and racist and un-Christian thing to say and just like my cousin who said he “doesn’t want a ‘Packi’ as a neighbour” and I reminded him that the God and Jesus *I* know commands us to LOVE our neighbour, not to hate, and it DIDN’T have the exception,”unless he’s Muslim…”

Our oldest also said he plans to be a millionaire by the time he’s 30(he turns 23 this YR) and if anyone can, he can,and I hope if so that he can set me up in a little hut on the beach in the Caribbean when I retire(once the kids have moved out and I’m done homeschooling) and hire someone to check in on me once a week and bring me groceries, so that way I CAN still get to  leave this shitless country I hate(despite my limited finances), and can live on my own(despite my Asperger’s) and the 5 YR old was being bad(as usual) so the 16 YR old told him off and he BIT her, and the 13 YR old needed a model for the “bad guy” in a movie she’s filming and asked him for pointers  as being bad comes naturally for him, and when I said it’s NOT fair the rules don’t apply to him, he gets special rights, and gets away with everything my mother snickered, “Life ISN’T fair; DEAL with it!!”