Big Brother Is Watching You!

 I love this image of PM Harper I found on the Internet. Another latest Big Brother policy I heard about now  is due to drought conditions(extremely dry due to excessive heat and next to no rain) in Ottawa there is a water ban; that is they can’t use water for pools or to water their lawns or flowers. If I lived there I would just defy it; no gov’t is going to tell me what to do and I wouldn’t let my grass and flowers go brown and die due to them either, but knowing this fascist police state country no doubt a nosey neighbour would inform on me….

Speaking of neighbours, a guy across the street was sitting on a chair on his front lawn completely NAKED and when he stood up we could see his bare arse, and the 9 YR old said,”Do we have any binoculars?” and the rednecks in the drug den beside him are moving out so 0ne less police raid and drug bust on the street from now on, and the 17 YR old mentioned he’s interested in psychology so it might be a possible future career choice although my hubby said his grades aren’t good enough, but psychology is ungodly(and some are even now using Ouiga boards now too) so it’ll be perfect for him, being he’s a godless atheist! He also said how can I retire when I don’t work or so anything( as if homeschooling and raising kids is not doing anything) and says  I “have little purpose” and my hubby and mother do all the parenting work. That really hurt. It makes me wonder why I even bother and if I should just leave now.

I also want to see my doc and get imaging tests and a referral to a neurologist for my headaches but with my Social Phobia I can’t talk on the phone yet my mother said she refuses to call and make an app’t, likely hoping whatever it is will kill me and doesn’t want me to get diagnosed or treated, or just more of the same because it’s just something for me she doesn’t care, and I’m not worth the bother or effort, or just likes being oppositional and disagreeing with everything I say,but it’s hurtful and I hate being helpless and always  at her and my hubby’s mercy. I saw as well Scientologists believe that Tom Cruise(being at the second-highest level) can move objects with his mind and travel thru time and space which is waaaayyyy “out” there, but wouldn’t it be neat if you really COULD though?