Cruising Thru Life.

 Now I have been deepening and increasing my spirituality I have lost my desire to go on any more cruises. I have been on 6 or 7 (I lost count) so far and had planned on more but now have no desire. I have lost desire for material things, oppulence, extravagance, and instead crave a more simplistic, austere, spiritual life. I also read that Israel is actually considered to be part of Asia, and I’ve been there and all this time I thought it was in Europe( now don’t *I* feel dumb!) so in fact I have now been to 5 out of 7 continents. I still may continue to travel but not cruise, but rather a more simple bare-bones type of thing,just not so luxurious.

We also got a bushel of peas in the  pod from a nearby farm(that’s 30 POUNDS!) so everyone will have the shits for a week or so and need running shoes to get to the bathroom, the 17 YR old thinks this is  a hotel with room service as he always leaves his empty dishes in the hall outside his bedroom for me to pick up and bring downstairs( nevermind the fact that I tell him NOT to eat in his room) we have tiny little baby strawberries in our garden the size of a fingernail, and I have 2 big bottles of Trazadone left over from before and I have resumed taking them again for depression and to help me sleep.

The window a/c in my bedroom also “died” so my hubby got me a new one but it’s alot smaller and less powerful than the old one (it figures)and doesn’t work as well; the old one cooled the room in 10 min. and this one takes 2 HRS (I will be grateful and content, I will be grateful and content, I will be grateful and content…)and I saw landscapers working across the street in the hot sun and I felt so badly for them I wanted to go over and give them a water bottle but we never had any cold ones in the fridge, and watching them is a good lesson for the 17 YR old: what his future will be like if he doesn’t go to university; having to do back-breaking hard manual labour out in the hot sun!

I ordered a silver “Om” necklace as well; the original sound of the universe as it was being created, according to Hinduism  the Holy Name of God(one of many), the beginning and the end(like the Alpha and the Omega),dispels negative energy( God KNOWS I really need that!) and is an ancient Sanskrit symbol symbolizing God, peace, harmony,and love in the world…and who doesn’t need more of that in their lives?

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