“Multiple Stones….”

 Yesterday I saw the surgeon for my follow-up app.t.He’s a “hunk” too so that was my “thrill” for the day,and he said my incisions healed well, and the pathology report on my gallbladder was that it was “inflamed” and “had multiple stones in varying sizes from 2-7 mm.” So it wasn’t just a few stones and being inflamed it would have ruptured so it’s good I did have it removed! I also asked him about a referral to a plastic surgeon to have a boob reduction and he said I likely won’t need a referral; to just call and book an app’t and that one has a waiting list 4 YRS long! Geez….I was thinking just a few MONTHS….

It was also 34 C and felt like 44 C and we were in the pool all day and in this country as well as in others there are problems with either severe drought,floods, mudslides, or wildfires,  and it was even TOO hot to suntan yesterday(as stupid as that sounds) and the air was so humid and “thick” it was hard to breathe, I want to get another tattoo( “Om” in-betwen my shoulder blades) and my hubby said I “have ‘enough’ tattoos” and sneers with my Social Phobia not being able to talk on the phone is “just a convenient excuse to not do something I don’t want to do” but why would I NOT want to talk on the phone? It impairs my life to not be able to, so why would I purposely do it or choose it? He has NO IDEA what it’s like! I also got a new Acer black computer monitor and it’s much thinner, flatter, wider, brighter and has much clearer colour than my old one did!

I also eat raw hemp hearts, chia seeds and cocoa nibs which are high in fiber, protein and energy and my hubby jokes I’ll plant the hemp and grow  cannibis plants and that if I had to take a drug test it would show up positive for marijuana, and my cousins, aunt and uncle are going on a European cruise in Sept. (they go twice a YR) and one of my cousins is even paying not only for himself but for his 2 nieces and their combined 5 kids as well, easily costing over 25 000$! He’s a stockbroker and now works online catching people doing money laundering.I guess it must pay REALLY well….In Toronto there was a shooting at a neighbourhood BBQ as well  which was gang related and 25 people were shot and 2 were killed, incl. a 14 YR old girl and this reminds me of WHY we left in the first place: too much crime and it only keeps getting worse. The 9 YR old feels sick as well: really pale, bad headache and upset stomach so maybe sunstroke or perhaps a virus? Poor kid.


She just barfed. 😦