Webkinz Signature Hippo.

 This is the new Webkinz Signature hippo. I bought it a few days ago. It cost 32$ so I was debating if I should spend the money but it’s a hippo(which I LOVE!) so I said the hell with it and splurged and gave myself a treat. I love hippos and they are alot like me as  well: fat, like to swim and lay in the sun, and purple is one of my fave. colours and they have a purplish-grey skin. They are also basically bald like I am, too. Now I have a growing collection of hippo stuffed toys; I have grey ones, blue ones, purple ones and pink ones.

As well, the 9 YR old just had sunstroke as she was fine the next day and if she had a virus she’d still be sick. My hubby and the kids have started daily exercise following a video but I prefer to atrophy and with my breathing problem I can’t exert myself and I’d pass out or end up in the ICU. The 17 YR old also barfed following a gruelling exercise session and I don’t think in this extreme heat is the time to be doing it. We have extreme heat, dryness and drought here too and other places in the country have floods, wildfires and mudslides, everything is extreme and I don’t feel so well with the heat either and it’s so hot even the a/c can’t keep up with it and sweat drips down my face. The van is also dirty and I scrawled “wash me!” on the side so hopefully my hubby will take the hint.

I was also trying to mute commercials with the TV remote and as I did the volume would keep coming back on, frustrating me wondering what was going on and what was wrong with the remote….and as it turned out it was my hubby sabotaging it; he had ANOTHER remote and every time I’d mute he’d unmute and bring the volume back just to either piss me off or drive me crazy,and making me wonder if he has to practice at being an asshole or if it just comes naturally! He also says I can just “get over” and “stop” my Social Phobia if I really wanted to, comparing it to people who stop smoking but he’s clueless and has no idea and doesn’t know what it’s like; it’s NOT a character weakness or lack of willpower like with not being able to stop  smoking; it’s a MEDICAL issue and it’s like telling someone with diabetes, epilepsy, or a heart condition to just “stop” it and “cure” themselves! He’s just SO insensitive and unsupportive and maybe HE should just “stop” HIS issues that HE has as well, such as HIS MPD and OCD, etc… how about THAT if it’s so “easy”? He’s such a prick.

I regret every day that I married that dickhead.Even I deserve better than THAT!!

It’s depressing as well to realize now that I am “a woman of a certain age” and it’s a real “bummer”, and the 5 YR old continues to be an unholy terror: he kept pulling his bathingsuit down and showing his “willy”, shoved the 9 YR old outside and locked the door, snuck outside by himself, and when I told him to leave the hose he brazenly defied me and just went over and turned on the water anyway.I don’t know WHAT to DO with him. I am also getting another tattoo later today and will blog about it for tomorrow.