Tattoo You!

 I got my tattoo and this is the image I had done( “Om”, the ancient Sanskrit symbol for God) on the middle of my upper back in-between my shoulder blades. It took 30 min and cost 68$. It hurt quite a bit(likely as there’s not much fat in that area,even for me) enough to make me wince, suck in my breath and grit my teeth,squeeze my eyes shut, and breathe deeply.It was bleeding as well and the 9 YR old asked,”What’s that red part on it?” and I told her,”It’s called blood!” and she goes, “Ewwww!!” and left the room. Now it still stings and is all bumpy, elevated,rough, and scabbed. I can’t get it wet(so that means NO swimming and a very careful bath avoiding my back) for a week or so until the scabs have all dried and fallen off. This is my 12th tattoo and the last one I had done was about 3-4 YRS ago. It looks nice and I’m happy with it,and the guy that did it looked like that rock singer; I forget his name, but the one that I think  was married to Carmen Electra.

The kids also play badminton and we go barefoot all summer, and yesterday was cooler and a much-needed break from the ungodly heat. It was 25 C and not humid and in the morning it was only 14 C and the 9 YR old said it was “cold” and she “needed a winter jacket”(HA!) and refused to go outside, but I guess when you’re climatized to it being 30C and hotter 14 C feels cold, but I liked it.I have also felt “woozy”, slurred speech, tired, dizzy, have diarrhrea and feel “loopy” for the past few days, and left a message for the plastic surgeon about getting an app’t to re-do my boob reduction(I have been saving up for over  a YR and hope I’ll have enough $$$) 3 days ago and they STILL haven’t returned my call. People truly suck.Isn’t ANYONE professional anymore?

My bald doll(that I had re-shipped) finally came as well and I love it! It’s not available here(and they don’t deliver here either which is why I had it sent to an address in USA and they re-shipped it to me) so I might very well be the ONLY person in Canada who has it! 🙂