Gun Violence.

 The recent mass shooting in a cinema in Colorado sparked a heated argument on my Facebook page yesterday. I said that guns should be regulated or even banned to drastically lessen gun violence and the gun-obsessed Americans attacked me, even calling me “bitter” and “resentful” because I don’t believe in guns, and to make it worse, they’re so-called “Christians” too and tried to JUSTIFY guns and gun violence even though God commanded us to NOT kill and Jesus was peaceful and non-violent, and I’m pretty sure if He were here today that He would NOT own a gun or shoot people; he said to turn the other cheek and to LOVE our neighbour, NOT to shoot him! How hypocritical to claim to be a Christian but support guns.It makes me sick to my stomach and angry,too. An oxymoron,too. I just don’t understand why Americans are so gun-loving, gun-toting and have such a gun-saturated culture; it’s like they’re still in the Old Wild West; gun-slinging trigger-happy yahoos!

They also said the same old rhetoric “Guns don’t kill people” but guns DO kill people and people WITH guns kill people,,then they said why not ban cars then since they kill people too(so beyond the absurd and ridiculous) and they went ape-shit when I said in this country only the police, criminals and hunters own guns, and how can it be legal there to sell  or own automatic weapons and machine guns, I mean, what do they THINK they’ll be used FOR, hunting elephants? Of course they’ll be used for killing people(duh) and most of the gun murders here are committed by guns smuggled over the border from, guess where….USA! Toronto has had worsening gun violence lately as well( although that’s gang related and the people that got shot were in the way whereas in USA they TARGET the people) but still nowhere near as bad as in USA and in countries where there IS stricter gun control the gun deaths are waaaay lower, such as in Canada, UK, Australia and Switzerland; the annual gun deaths are 100-200(or even less) in those countries compared to over 9000 in USA, and it doesn’t take a genius to figure out why….they have one of the highest murder rates in the world!

I just don’t “get” the Americans’ obsessions with guns and due to gun- crazy psychos are we now going to have to pass thru airport-style metal detectors in the cinema, shopping malls, etc. now too? Why DO the Americans cling so tightly to their guns and defend it with such fierce,aggressive,arrogant, defensive determination? What will it TAKE for them to end their love of guns and violent gun culture? If the massacre in Colorado won’t be enough for them to open their eyes then I don’t know what will; it’s so engrained in their mentality and culture it’s chilling.They keep harping how it’s their legal right to bear arms, yada, yada, yada, but that was written some 200 YRS ago against British oppression and is no longer relevant. It just blows my mind how vigorously they cling to their weapons and try and justify gun ownership and gun violence; it’s just a way of life for them. It’s like USA is one big ghetto and they just accept guns and gun violence as a normal part of their life.Interesting as well that they don’t refer to the shooter in Colorado as a “terrorist” but if he was Muslim they would have, even though he DOES fit the criteria: a terrorist is anyone who kills innocent people, generally on a large scale, so he certainly fits.The Americans are cray-cray!


As well, now my tattoo feels bumpy like toad skin and is tight as the scabs dry up and heal, we went to a Sidewalk Sale and the 5 YR old asked,”Do we need  to buy a new sidewalk?” I cooked chickpea and rice stew as well  and NOBODY would even TRY it and said it was “gross” etc. (WHY do I even BOTHER?) and I was freaking out I couldn’t find my measuring spoons(someone used them and didn’t put them back) and my mother and hubby were yelling at me to shut up(because I’m NOT “allowed” to ever get frustrated or mad) and he sneered I “act like a 2 Y old!” and I told HIM what can HE say with HIS regression with his MPD episodes HE curls up into fetal position and babbles like a baby…so he can’t say anything about ME  or anyone else acting like a 2 YR old and he says he “controls it” when REALLY he merely SUPPRESSES it and even so at times it still comes out.So he can’t “help” it, well, neither can I and it’s part of  my Asperger’s. I’m so sick of this shit and regret most of my life. I am so suppressed and miserable here.I wish I wasn’t ugly and fat. I wish I had a father and siblings. I wish I had a different mother. I wish I didn’t have Asperger’s, Social Phobia, etc. I wish I never met or married my hubby. I wish I never had kids.

I wish my entire life wasn’t a failure and a bust.

I wish I was someone else.

I wish I could go hang myself.