Things I’ve Never Done…..



– Been arrested

-Been in jail

-Taken drugs

-Been drunk

-Been to a bar(I’ve been to restaurants that HAVE bars but never to a bar itself)

-Got a sexually transmitted disease

– experienced  passion or romance

– made out with a girl

– driven a car

– gone to a prom

– had a guy I’ve been attracted to like me back

– been popular

– attended my graduation(I moved in the summer to another city before graduation)

– been bit by a shark

– been a nudist

– skydiving

– had a big fancy wedding(we had a small one)

– had a one night stand

– touched a hippo

-eaten horsemeat

– committed a crime

– been happy with my looks or weight

– skinny dipped

– gotten an “A” on a math exam

– been able to make friends easily

– fit in with other people

– had cancer

– found happiness in life

– had the love of my parents

– meet royalty(although I did meet a former Prime Minister once!)

-flown on a private jet(I fly commercial with the rest of the peasant masses)

– had a happily-ever-after ending

– swam with dolphins

– been pretty

– loved myself

– gone over Niagara Falls in a barrel

– been famous

– supported war

– paid more than 200$ for any single item

– had more than 1 sexual partner


As well, I ordered this really cool 3-D hippo T-shirt online; it looks like the hippo face is coming out right at you.It was supposed to be 14$ but for me in Canada it ended up to be 35$,the kids put balloons on a bush so now we have a balloon tree, the 14 YR old came back from 3  weeks at camp  and he got a haircut and is suntanned and looks thinner, my hubby cruelly snarled at me(when I mentioned how the 5 YR old has a behaviour problem always being so bad) that I “don’t like ANY of the kids!” which hurt and isn’t true and the 9 YR old told me to “just ignore him” (like how I’m always telling her about bullies and others that are mean to her) and I saw this analogy from “Sesame Street” that perfectly describes me around other people: “One of these things is not like the other, one of these things doesn’t belong.”