There is a restaurant in USA called Chick-Fil-a.(I don’t think we have it here in this country, or at least not that I’ve seen)Recently the family-values conservative owner has been given flack, backlash and been boycotted by gay activists simply for stating his opinion that he doesn’t believe in same-sex marriage.This is his right and everyone is entitled to their opinions and beliefs. I think it’s stupid to boycott a business because their opinion happens to differ from yours and why is society always being forced to pander to and pacify the gays,anyway? What gives them special rights? They always go on about tolerance yet when this owner happens to disagree with them they have no tolerance for a differing opinion!I guess it only works for those that agree with them, Hypocrites much? They also like to attack opponents of their lifestyle by calling anyone who doesn’t agree with  them “homophobes.”Boycotting a company because they believe in something different than you do is like refusing to see an actor’s movies because you don’t like his personal life, even though that doesn’t mean he’s still not a good actor. Childish and petty and doesn’t make sense, does it? If we refused to patronize a business because they had different beliefs then there wouldn’t be too many places we could go to!It’s like kids fighting in the playground,”I’m taking my ball and going home!” EVERYONE has a right to their opinion; the gays have the right to be gay and others have the right to disagree.Good for the owner for standing up for what he believes in and not being afraid to defend it and not giving in to Politically Correct pressure. In response family-values and freedom of speech  people are now coming to the restaurant in droves,creating huge line-ups, sending their sales up record sky-high; the publicity and outrage of freedom of speech defenders is now bringing in even more business and having the opposite effect of the gay activists who were trying to hurt business.Ha, serves them right! The only time I ever boycotted anything it was a moral issue ( not supporting business that support Planned Parenthood, the biggest abortion provider, and boycotting those that supported the former Apartheid regime in South Africa) but never just because of a difference in opinion. I support Chick-Fil-a in their stance.


As well, I saw a lady walking a Chihuahua and I wished I had one again as well, and I feel guilty that I don’t love certain people that I know I should, even though it’s understandable considering the shabby way they treat me and I can’t help how I feel and how can I FORCE myself to love somebody? I have so much darkness in me too; dark thoughts, desires,and urges that no one knows about and that I don’t even write down in my own personal diary,and I hate being stuck in a situation I hate( in a life I hate and with a family that hates me) but that I’m unable to change; it’s so frustrating, and I want my old life back; before I was traumatized and emotionally damaged, when I used to be happy.