New York Seltzer.

 I saw this photo the other day and it brought me back to the 80’s. I used to drink New York Seltzer, the vanilla cream soda one and I loved it. I heard the company has gone out of business(which saddens me) in the meantime but this photo brought back some happy nostalgic memories. I can still remember the 80’s; the summers of 1986 and 1987, sitting out on the front porch with my black Chihuahua Yuri, reading Chekhov novels  and getting a suntan.I remember my last YR of highschool in 1985 when our art class made the “Grease Lightening” car for the school’s “Grease” musical; the shop class made the steel frame and we covered it with styrofoam ,and filed, painted and designed it and it looked GOOD,too! I remember my rubber bracelets, crimped hair, slouch socks, leg warmers, padded shoulders, gold flat shoes, big belts, cassette tapes, Walkman,Tab cola, beanbag chairs,hair scrunchies, etc. It was a good time and they had such good shows on TV then too such as “The Cosby Show’ , “The Golden Girls”, “The Wonder Years”, “Night Court”, “The Facts Of Life”,”Dear John”,etc.not like the lame-o reality show and talent show crap they have on now! I miss the 80’s and the 70’s too. Life was good then, it was fun, and I was happy.Little did I know that one day it would all change and things would never be the same again and neither would I and that the best part of my life would be over. I am thankful and grateful for my happy memories.


As well, I STILL have my immobilizing headache(when I see the doc next WK I’m going to ask her for different pills as the migraine ones I have don’t work) and even have stabbing pain behind my right eye with it as well  and it’s ALWAYS behind the right eye, making me increasingly suspicious it might BE a tumour pressing, the neighbours down the street painted their white house this putrid hideous diarrhrea GREEN it makes me nauseous just to look at it( did they have a sale on that paint colour I wonder?) our water bill was twice what it usually is; 400$ instead of 200$( from having to keep re-filling the pool  water as we lose a good 3 inches every day and have to run the hose 6-8 HRS a day to fill it)my mother’s enraged furious that even though she took 3 weeks to call my doc for me(as with my Social Phobia I can’t talk on the phone) she expects ME to fill out HER passport re-newal form right away and when I said I’ll wait 3 weeks to do it too she snapped,”Don’t  BOTHER then!”( good, I won’t ,as *I* hate doing it TOO!) and she always makes everyone else carry her bags for her too when she shops; not just helping but doing it ALL; she carries nothing, and whenever I go shopping I always carry my own bags AND put all my stuff away myself, and when I mentioned it she sniffed I “insulted” her and stalked off! Somehow it’s always MY fault for mentioning it and not HER fault for being such a demanding bitch.She really IS a piece of work! Can you imagine my childhood having a mother like THAT? The gay activists also did a “kiss-in” at the American Chick-Fil-A restaurant as well to protest the owner having wholesome family values and not believing in gay “marriage”(so much for freedom of speech!) and as always calling anyone who doesn’t agree with them “homophobes” and “hateful” and expecting society to bend over backwards to appease them and to pander to and pacify them, pulling the “gay rights” crap all the time.Ugh. Give me a break! They’re so in-your-face obnoxious and off-putting!