Pogue Mahone Goes To The City.

 Yesterday my hubby, some of the kids, and I went to Toronto. We were gone 11 HRS and it was a LOT of driving and walking and I was exhausted; every body part I have was hurting, esp. my feet, legs,and back, but we did some REAL shopping so it was worth it! We went to the Pickering Flea Market, upscale Yorkdale mall(with stores like Gucci, Tiffany’s, Louis Vuitton, Cartier,Burberry, Holt Renfrew,etc.) and then drove thru the ritzy Forest Hill and Rosedale neighbourhoods and went in boutiques in the Yorkville district and then to IKEA as the kids have never been there before. The kids also loved the skyscrapers and escalators.We also drove past the Hare Krishna temple and ashram I’d wanted to stay at,and seeing the city I grew up in made me miss it even more and I wished I’d never left. I loved seeing the century-old houses and it brought back happy memories of my childhood and teen YRS. I also saw a Chihuahua and wished I had one again, as well. I was so tired and hot (it was 35 C and felt like 45C) I almost fainted a few times and had to keep sitting down and was slow walking and needed to eat and drink and my hubby was impatient, angry, and  fed up and said I kept complaining but I was so exhausted,out of breath, and hurt and wanted to go home and he just didn’t care. He also kept saying he knew where he was going and of course he didn’t and got lost a few times(even WITH the GPS!) and wouldn’t let us talk when he was driving either as he said it “distracted” him(even though he does OTHER things while driving, like eating, putting on deoderant, eating, fiddling with the CD player,etc) like he has ADD or something, (I hate travelling with him)and on the way home we drove thru this huge thunderstorm and torrential rain. I had a good time but it was soooo tiring. I didn’t find the Converse high-top sneakers I wanted though so I guess I’ll have to order it online like I do with pretty much everything else.I also liked how in the city no one stared or gawked at my bald head like they do here(they’ve seen everything in the city and are used to it) and my hubby jeers why do I want to move back to the city when all I do is” stay in the house and never go anywhere anyway?” He’s such an asshat.

Before we left I also saw a redneck at the corner fighting with his neighbour across the street and they were yelling, swearing, and one guy was even swinging a baseball bat the other! I swear, people in this town are bat-shit CRAZY! I have moved 18 times, lived in 2 countries, 18  cities/towns and 18 neighbourhoods and I’ve NEVER seen the craziness and aggression anywhere like I’ve seen here in “Bumble-Fuck” and on this street. The rednecks here are cray-cray!