20 Things.


1. I have a peach/mango smoothie every day.

2. When our 2nd oldest was a baby my hubby kidnapped her to give to his sister as she had 4 boys but wanted a girl and was unable to have any more kids so he gave her to her. I had to go to court to get her back and a nasty custody/legal battle ensued. We eventually worked it out but I lost all trust and respect for him after that and things have never been the same since.

3. Just a day after we were in Yorkdale mall and foodcourt a guy was waving a GUN around threatening people.This really freaked me out!

4. I was unloved by my parents, molested by a cousin, physically abused by babysitters, bullied in school, rejected by guys,and betrayed by friends….and guess why I have no self-esteem?

5. I want to order a Rasta wrist band and it was on sale for just over 2$ but for me after shipping ends up costing 20$. I HATE this country! We don’t get SHIT here, most places don’t even ship here, and the ones that do it costs twice as much for the same item as people pay elsewhere.

6. I got these nail decals I put on my toenails.

7. I found 2 dead baby mice in the pool skimmer.

8. The freezer door won’t close(everything we have is shit) and to keep it closed we have to tape it shut.

9. In highschool 90% of my friends were Chinese, 1 was Indian and the others were Greek.

10. I bought a Webkinz Mud Hippo.

11. If reincarnation was real I’d like to come back as a hippo.

12. The 9 YR old said she’s “tired of always hearing” me telling her I love her.

13. My backyard with the pool, trees, shrubs, vines, flowers ,plants, and garden gnomes is like my very own Zen garden.

14. When I had my first baby my spine was chipped and I’ve had a bad back ever since.

15. Chihuahuas are my favourite dog breed.

16. I sleep on my stomach.

17. It drives me up the wall when people misuse “your” and “you’re”. It makes them look stupid and convinces me that people just don’t know how to spell.

18. I eat wheat germ, flax seed, hemp seeds, chia seeds, cocoa nibs,and milk thistle every day.

19. I’m allergic to milk so I drink soy milk.

20. I saw Prince Charles marry Princess Diana on TV years ago and although I didn’t watch Prince William marry Kate Middleton I am still alive to see as he grew up.