“Ketchup” Post.

 Catching Up on our lives lately:

I read somewhere that thighs are supposed to actually have a gap in-between them(I never knew that!) but mine have always rubbed together, I don’t allow name-calling yet my hubby excuses the 5 YR old calling the other kids “lame” saying it’s “not the same” as “dumb” or “stupid” even though it DOES mean the same thing, my right hand is now twitching and trembling(I have tingling and numbness in my arms and legs as well) which may be due to brain tumour pressing, and my mother didn’t clean her garbage and it was overflowing and my hubby told ME to do it( why can’t HE do it?) but it’s not MY job and I’m NOT her slave,and he let the 16 YR old ride her unicycle WITHOUT a helmet trying to “justify” it’s “not a bike”(even though it sort of is) and just yesterday I heard on the news a man fell off his bike and wasn’t wearing a helmet and he hit his head on the road and died.I also saw in the news the Olympic women’s soccer team lost to USA(I don’t give a shit about the Olympics but this was typical) and they’re dissing the ref, showing what sore losers and poor sports they are, and showing to the rest of the world what I already know: Canada sucks!

I was horrified as well to learn the medical ethics board is considering what they call “after birth abortion” where once a baby is born if the parents aren’t happy with it and find traits that if they knew beforehand would have aborted it( it’s ugly, the “wrong” gender,handicapped, etc) they can choose to kill it after birth, and whether they do it before OR after birth it’s still murder and a grave sin and just when I THOUGHT humanity couldn’t possibly get any worse they come up with this! I just don’t “get” it either if people DON’T want to get prego then just DON’T have sex(what it was designed FOR) it’s that simple!  My hubby also sneered why do I even want to move back to the city when I just stay in the house and never go out anywhere anyway but I miss it and I HATE “Bumble-F*ck” and all the rednecks here, and I saw a photo of a black Chihuahua with copper markings and it looked EXACTLY the SAME as my Yuri, that I had for 6 YRS(had to give it away when we moved out of the country) from 1984 and made me miss it and wished I could  get another one again now,too, and I realized if I had never left Toronto in the first place I’d never have met my hubby or had this life (with all the traumas and grief and unhappiness) and maybe even would have had a chance to be happy…..

I seriously need irie in my life!